my dvd drives dont work

By mike lang ·
all my dvd drives including my external usb drive and virtual drives dont work or show up in my computer. they all have little yellow blips beside saying driver problems. any input would be helpful ive tried new drivers but that doesnt work

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You need to provide much more information than you have here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to my dvd drives dont work

What OS is being used here?

What type Brand & Models are the DVD Drives?

What did you do just before they disappeared?


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reply to OH Smeg

by mike lang In reply to You need to provide much ...

im running xp
the drive is a lite-on DVDRW LDW-451S
the virtual drive are run by daemon tools
and the external drive is a LG

i dont know what i was doing right before it happened, i just went to burn a DVD in nero and my drives wouldnt show up so i checked if they were in my computer and they were gone all of them including the virtual drives
so then i checked device management and they were there with little yellow explanatin marks beside all of them that say

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

so then i tried downloading new drivers for my liteon drive but that didnt wor either so i came her to ask what to do

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Did you uninstall the old drivers first ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to reply to OH Smeg

Before trying to install the 'new' LiteON driver?

The same process would apply for the LG.

As to why the virtual drives ran into difficulty I'm not too sure. I would uninstall DaemonTools, shut down, reboot, then reinstall DaemonTools again.

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i got them to work

by mike lang In reply to Did you uninstall the old ...

i was just sitting bbehind my computer when i came up with a great idee, why dont i google code 39. so i did and i got this site
which led me to a page where it told me how to fix it i guess i had to delete some things in the registry and restart my computer. now they work perfect.

thanks for your help anyways

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Optiarc dvd rw 7200a is not working

by cw_creativetouch In reply to my dvd drives dont work

Optiarc dvd rw 7200a is not working. I have deleted it and reatarted the computer it still doesn't recognize the driver.
I have been all over the internet for this drive and still can't fine one. with out having to buy Driver Detective!
Please somone help

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DVD/CD driver software

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Optiarc dvd rw 7200a is n ...

Microsofts exact method of performing this procedure if you wish to read it: (scroll down to: Method #1: Remove the registry entry)

And some drive problems can be fixed using this method:

- Press on "START"
- Then click on "Administrative Tools"
- Then on "Computer Management"
- Click on the [+] of "STORAGE"
- Then on the [+] of "REMOVABLE STORAGE"
- Then on the [+] of "LIBRAIRIES"
Your CD Drive should be listed, click on it to enable it.
- Then try your CD tray to see if it opens and close normally.
- It should now also appear on the "My Computer"

If you have a problem of non-detection, eg: drive is not visable in My Computer or Device Manager, then you probably need the "delete upper and lower filters in the registry fix". Here's a file you can download. Unzip it and run the file.... after performing this, reboot and Windows will automatically detect and install your drive. CdGone.zip:

After unzipping this file to a temp folder, read the TEXT file for further instructions.

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