My DVD-ROM is recognised as a cd drive

By abhi_nasa ·
i have a sony DVD-ROM DDU1622.
It is recognised as a cd-drive and can neither read CD or a DVD.
i have also updated the drivers.

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Updated the drivers? WHAT drivers?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My DVD-ROM is recognised ...

Optical ROM drives don't require their own drivers, not since the advent of Windows95.

What are these drivers, where did you get them from, and why did you feel you needed them?

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by balge In reply to My DVD-ROM is recognised ...

is this a new drive? has it ever worked before? when did it stop? was it after the firmware update?
check all data and power cables physically i.e. pull out and reseat, check cable and jumper configuration
try it on another m/c?
so many possibilities..

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DVD drives recognized as CD drive

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to My DVD-ROM is recognised ...


it happens to me too. I have three laptops (2 from ASUS, one from Fujitsu Siemens) all three are factory equipped with one DVD drives (even with DL capabiities) On all three when I open Window Explorer the drive is recognized in two separate items, one is DVD drive say, F: and one is CD drive say G:.
With a disc in the drive (either a CD or DVD disc) when I click on F: it works normally, but clicking on G: yields drive not ready.
I don't know the reasons.
I sent one ASUS machine back to the supplier when still under Guaranty, they replaced the drive, but the phenomena stay!
At least in my case I can use my drive just ignoring the other. On all three!

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Do you mount ISO images as virtual drives ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to DVD drives recognized as ...

If so, that would explain the second optical drive listed in Windows Explorer.

Also, an optical drive defaults to the 'lowest common denominator' when it is empty - therefore a DVD-RW/CD-R drive, when EMPTY is a CD drive, when occupied it is whatever is in it - a CD drive or a DVD drive. :)

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ISO Images

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Do you mount ISO images a ...

No, I don't know if I've mounted it.
Then how could I find out whether I did it or not?
And if I did how do I un-mount it?
Thank you.

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