my eight year old canon i860 suddenly stopped printing colors, deep black

By kuku3333 ·
I've deep cleaned it three times, tried to align the print heads, etc, to no avail. The orange light flashes 11 times which indicates the automatic print head alignment failed, due possibly to clogged print head nozzles. (The other two possibilities don't check out.) Any ideas what to do next? Like to try manually aligning the print heads but don't know how...

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How long since this was last used?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to my eight year old canon i ...

If it's been a long time the Ink in the Print Heads and dry up and clog the Print Heads.

If that is what has happened and it's not too bad you can soak the Print Heads in Warm Water but try not to get the Copper Contacts wet and then run the Deep Clean Option several times.

If that doesn't work you can buy a New Print Head but honestly it would be cheaper to buy a new printer.


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Reponse To Answer

by jjtoday In reply to How long since this was l ...

I have done this (with great care) and it worked well. On another occasion I held down the blinking amber light for several seconds. This disables the error messages. You still get the messages, but you will be able to print in color.

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Find Tall Building

by robo_dev In reply to my eight year old canon i ...

- Hold printer firmly over edge of rooftop
- Release

But Seriously:
http://www fixyourownprinter com/forums/inkjet/33348 (replace spaces with dots)

Above shows how to reset waste ink counter and other stuff for your printer

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