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My eternal dilemma in the world of being a 'Technical Expert'...

By Frenchwood ·
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Only in the UK could this happen...

by Frenchwood In reply to My eternal dilemma in the ...

Would you believe that to amend internet explorer settings it takes our company 14 days? 1 simple change to group policies and it's all good, yet reams of paperwork and 4 sign offs create a 14 day turn around create a nice little mess. The changes will create a productivty increase of 20-80% (95% confidence) yet all is held in the hands of senior management, ah well, i suppose the days of find an improvement and make it have gone!

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Stupidity is my middle name...

by Frenchwood In reply to My eternal dilemma in the ...

<p>Living in the UK brings a whole host of stupidity to an otherwise (semi-)sane world...</p>
<p>For instance, the uk weather, and the way we "interact" with it.</p>
<p>I've been out gardening today, it's been quite warm, and i went out at about midday with just my shorts on thinking that i won't get too hot that way. Now i'm sat at my desk fidgeting away from the back of my chair as i have burnt my back....</p>
<p>I believe the saying goes: 'Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun'</p>
<p>Ah well... I'm sure i'll do exactly the same next time it's hot. (and they say you live and learn... Not likely!!)</p>

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by Frenchwood In reply to My eternal dilemma in the ...


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