My exchange server crashed, email not working, OWA also down.

By MCnoHammer ·
Over the weekend my exchange server decided to crash, and my router decided to reset, causing mass chaos, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. I am new to this job, I have been here 3 weeks, and I didn't prepare for this disaster as I should have. I brought the server back up, and the new router was not working with the DC. Sadly, the DC is the same server that has Exchange on it.

I am now finally able to access the internet on every workstation, every workstation can access our shared drive on our DC, and everyone can print. However the email is still down. I have done everything imaginable to get it back up but it can't be accessed through Outlook on any computer, in network or out, and it can't be access from Outlook Web Access because the OWA site is also still down. HELP!!!

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Do you have LAN routers?

by seanferd In reply to My exchange server crashe ...

I.e., between workstations and server? Power them off for a minute, then restart. They may contain corrupted cache.

Does Exchange have a Detect/Repair function? Try that.

You might also use a packet capture/analysis tool like Wireshark to see where the the connection is going wrong.

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Mail problem

by Nimmo In reply to My exchange server crashe ...

You mention that your router reset you might want to check and make sure all port forwarding is setup in the router. If you don't have port forwarding for the ports used by OWA and SMTP then that's going to stop mail flow.

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