My Exchange Server will not let clients connect to it.

By Jeroden ·
I am an IT professional in a mid-sized company, and I am having a problem with the Exchange Server 2003. This is an inherited system, so I and this may be a quick fix, but I don't see the fix right now, as before, all I did was restart Exchange, and if that didn't work, restart the server, and neither has worked. When I try to connect to outlook even on the server, it says that there are folders that cannot be found.

I am not sure what may have caused this problem, but this is everything that I have done in the past week. Everything was fine until the last part of this week.

First of all, I Installed a new server onto the network, but the only thing that I have given it to do is become a file server. I updated it completely by connecting it directly to the router and bypassing the Firewall, as I did not know how to get activeX to work through my firewall. I am using WS 2003 64bit edition fully upgraded. I then connected the system back up behind the firewall. There were no noticable problems after this installation.

I detected that the Exchange server's harddrive was filling to capacity, and I noticed that the log files were filling up. I did an NT backup on the server to let it backup everything and get rid of the log files safely. I backed up onto the new server and everything seemed fine after the backup.

I then wanted to search out why I could not use activeX through the firewall. After looking through the settings of Sonicwall, I noticed that the firewall did not allow activeX connections. I unchecked this box, and looked at some other settings, but I don't believe that I changed anything.

I got some calls later on in the week stating that someone could not send an email, but it was a simple fix, and everything was fine, then I got another call that the internet was slow, and then I found a computer with the Beagle virus on it, but I quickly disconnected that computer, and let them know that I would be back to fix it, as I was training at that time. When I got back to the computer, the user had connected the computer back up. At the end of Friday, Exchange was not running, and I could not get it to start up.

I am not sure what made this happen, but any help on this subject would be appreciated.

In case I didn't state it, I am currently using Exchange server 2003.

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by Jeroden In reply to My Exchange Server will n ...

My Exchange server system is extremely sluggish, and when I try to open outlook directly on the server, it states the following.

Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened.

This is getting very unusual.

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by Jeroden In reply to Update

Bump for an answer

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Narrowed it down

by Jeroden In reply to Bump

I have now narrowed it down to a SMTP problem, has anyone had this problem before?

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SMTP Clogged

by Jeroden In reply to My Exchange Server will n ...

The SMTP Server has quite a bit of spam in it, and I am in the process of cleaning it out, but I am not sure that this will fix the ultimate problem. I hope that if I am able to fix this problem, that at least these messages will help someone with a similar problem.

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