My external hard drive is nor being recognised by my computer...

By Steelo12345678910 ·
My external hard drive is nor being recognised properly by my computer. It is beeing accepted so far as it makes the "beeping sound" when you plug it in but all that comes up on My Computer is Removable Disk (E:) which has no memory and refuses to be opened. The harddrive does not bring up its logo either, the blue WD sign, and apart from the Removable Disk (E:) bit is not recognised at all. I have tried changing the cble but that has done nothing either.. Any help would be really appreciated

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Is this a new drive?

by seanferd In reply to My external hard drive is ...

Also, why do you expect to see a logo, and where do you expect to see it? (I've never heard of this.)

If it is a new, blank drive, there is nothing to "open" - the drive must be formatted for use.

If it is not a new drive, go to Disk Management - right-click My Computer & select Manage. Select Disk Management. Choose Action on the menu bar and click Rescan Disks. Can you access the drive now?

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I'm not sure what disk management is...

by Steelo12345678910 In reply to Is this a new drive?

Sorry, I can't seem to find "disk management" on my computer, where is it? Also I use Windows Vista which brings up the hard drive's name and logo in My Computer and has a blue bar underneath saying how much free sapce there is on the drive...
Sorry for my inexperience,

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Disk management

by TobiF In reply to I'm not sure what disk ma ...

Is an administrative tool, which may be hidden on some computers.
If you select "run" and enter "diskmgmt.msc" then you should get this tool visible. (You need to be an administrator to do this.
In disk management console, you can do a lot of powerful things, so you need to understand what you're doing.

What computer is it that doesn't see the contents of the drive?
Which OS? (There might be issues about backward compatibility between the disk and the computer)

Is it a work computer? (sometimes work computers have restrictions about adding new devices, then you'll need an administrator to activate this drive with this computer.)

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by NexS In reply to Is this a new drive?

The logo generally appears in place of the 'removable disk' graphic with most WD ext. HDDs.

Can the OP not also format the disk my right clicking on its name from 'Computer', rather than getting lost and possibly confused in the administrative tools?

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How do I format the disk?

by Steelo12345678910 In reply to Seanferd

Yeah, I've never seen the Removable Disk (E:) thing before but I don't know how to format the disk... do I go on properties? Also, I've found Administrative Tools which has Computer Management... is that perhaps what you mean by disk management?

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Right now

by NexS In reply to How do I format the disk?

I can't have a look at my Win7 system to see if any of the names have changed, but computer management is what you're looking for, and there should be a 'disk management' tool in the left-hand pane (when you open Computer management) which gives you power-user options for any disks attached to your computer.

Alternatively, you should be able to see a 'format drive' option when you right-click the removable drive.

Just make sure that there's no critical data on the drive already, because if you format it, it'll be lost.

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Resanned Disks with no success

by Steelo12345678910 In reply to Right now

I would really rather not lose my data on the hard drive but I have brought up disk management and have rescanned Disks but with no success... is that what you meant?... Alternatively is there no way of formatting the drive without losing all the data?

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by NexS In reply to Resanned Disks with no su ...

Means wiping it and starting fresh.

A few other things I'd try would be a different USB port, different computer, assigning a different drive letter (unlikely to make a difference, but worth a try).

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How do you nassign a different drive letter?

by Steelo12345678910 In reply to Formatting

Tried a different USB port, computer but I'm not sure how you assign a different drive letter...

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Disk Management

by NexS In reply to Formatting

If you right-click the external HDD there will be an option to change drive letter.

I'd pick something way down the list, just to be sure.

I assume that other USB ports and another computer still don't solve the problem?
Another step I migth try would be to use an application like Ghost to make a copy of your disk, that is if you have access to the program.

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