My External Hard Drive wont open

By adriantheaussie ·
When i plug in my external hard drive or falsh drive into my laptop it reconises it in my computer. But when i got to explore it or open it just flashes away until it says computer not responding. The funny thing is plug in my ipod and it works. My laptop is a toshiba and hard drive WD and brang new but flash are old

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Available USB power?

by Ron K. In reply to My External Hard Drive wo ...

If you haven't already done so, unplug all other USB devices and try your drive. <br>
Unless you have one of the small pocket USB drives you may need a powered USB hub to plug into your laptop. It could be that your laptop's USB hub doesn't have enough power to run your external drive. They don't have very much power.<br>
BTW- Powered hubs are fairly inexpensive. <br>

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I misunderstood the question.

by Ron K. In reply to Available USB power?
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perhaps you didn't...

by NexS In reply to I misunderstood the quest ...

Perhaps there might be a fault with the laptop OR the HDD where the drive is trying to pull more power than the USB port.
try plugging the Hard disk into another USB port or another computer.

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I added that to my answer because of the flash drive.

by Ron K. In reply to perhaps you didn't...

I missed that the first time around. Flash drives don't draw much power. <br>
I hope that the OP does post back so we're not left hanging. :)

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by NexS In reply to I added that to my answer ...

If I'm left hanging for too long then all the blood will rush to my head... And I'm not sure if that's good or bad yet!

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Another thing I've had happen

by jimmy-jam In reply to My External Hard Drive wo ...

Right click on My Computer select Manage and click on Disk Management. See if the drive shows up there. You may have to right click and activate the drive. I've only ever had to do this once but...

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I've seen one computer use up drive letters.

by Ron K. In reply to My External Hard Drive wo ...

Not clicking, "Safely Remove Hardware" in the "System Tray" before removing a USB device used up drive letters. The fix is simply to go to, "Safely Remove Hardware", with or without a USB device plugged in, and click until there is only one drive letter assigned to the device.

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Check event viewer

by BizIntelligence In reply to My External Hard Drive wo ...

for any corresponding error in application log and system log.

You can access event viewer from Start > Contorl Panel > Administration Tools > Event Viewer in Windows XP

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