My external IDE USB 2.5 HDD

By steven ·
I recently bought an internal laptop drive expecting to fix a laptop, found out later this wasnt the full resolution.

I then bought an external case for this ide, now when i use this on my normal pc it doesnt seem to pick up the drive, occasions it shows up in my computer but i cannot access its files, when i connect it to my girlfriends laptop it comes up fine and aswell on work computers.

Do i need a driver for xp for this to work?

I have tested this on two operating systems on the same machine xp and vista

very stuck, appreciate any help

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This should work fine with XP unless the Drive was formatted on a Vista

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My external IDE USB 2.5 H ...

Computers OS. Then the security built into Vista could be introducing some problems preventing it from working correctly with the older versions of Windows.

The frustrating thing here is that it may work with some computers loaded with XP and not others this all depends on software loads and some other things. However if it was originally formatted on an XP machine it should work on all XP computers but is unlikely to work on any Vista Computers as Vista has known issues on not wanting to read drives that it hasn't created.


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