My father has a late 2013 IMac 27". Is it possible to upgrade cpu?

By zackcole700 ·
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I am wondering if I can take off the screen and upgrade all the hardware in there. CPU, RAM, SDD. He loves the display but the I-5 and older SSD just aren't cutting it. Hoping to get him up to an I9 or R9. Is it possible to find a chasis that would fit the display so I could custom build it for him? Or find a chasis that will power the display and build him a tower?

Does Apple offer any easier hardware upgrade options?
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My father has a late 2013 ...

The CPUs you listed don't use the same board or chipset so that's a no.

Since you already have the SSD you could max out the RAM but that's about it.

Also no to the chassis idea.

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by danielbora In reply to My father has a late 2013 ...

I am Really Sorry Because You Can't upgrade Imac 2013
It is not possible to upgrade the RAM in the "Mid-2014" or "Late 2015" 21.5-Inch models after initial system purchase at all

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Is this your machine?

by BOB.B In reply to My father has a late 2013 ...
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All the 27" iMac models offer

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Is this your machine?

user upgradeable RAM (up to 32GB) and/or replacement of the HDD with an SSD.
Removing the screen is not just undoing a bunch of screws, it's glued in and takes a fair while to remove. (doable though)

Graphics and Processor are not upgradeable.

See for repair guides for this iMac, EMC 2639


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