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My father just received this one.

By CharlieSpencer ·
We hereby bring to your notice that a Diplomat carrying a consignment to be delivered at your residence had been stopped by us.This is a security measured put in -place by United States of America check terrorism and money laundry through the sale of illegal drugs locally and internationally.

After examination, we found out that the consignment contained the sum of US$3.7 Million which upon further investigation revealed that the fund is your inheritance.

We have done our due diligence and have confirmed that you are the legitimate beneficiary. Consequently, your consignment will delivered at your residence by the diplomat without delay after all protocols have being duly observed. However, before the delivery is made we need you to reconfirm the following information, so that the delivery will be made accurately.

Full Name:

Residential Address:

Date of Birth:


Telephone/Mobile Numbers:

We await your response.


W. Ralph Basham
Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Geez, you'd think if the government could locate Dad's e-mail address then they shouldn't have a problem figuring out his address, DOB, or phone numbers. They're already sending him Social Security and military retirement.

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Spam, for sure.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My father just received t ...

But I think you give the government way too much credit... B-)

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I know it should be replied to

by The Scummy One In reply to My father just received t ...

as a few TR spammers (on behalf of) :^0

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damn man...

by jck In reply to My father just received t ...

get your dad to get me the Ambassadorship to Ireland, dude!!!! :^0

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Funny you should mention Ireland

by CharlieSpencer In reply to damn man...

In February he and my mother will be making their third trip there since their retirement, not counting side trips when they were stationed in England in the '60's. I'll ask him to see what he can do, if Mom can get him out of the pubs.

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it would be appreciated

by jck In reply to Funny you should mention ...

Your dad gets me that Ambassadorship to Ireland, I'll always have an open room for ya at the embassy...even if I have to kick Bono out lol :^0

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Just to rub it in for JCK...

by JamesRL In reply to Funny you should mention ...

My father in law in his retirement made 2 trips a year pretty faithfully. One to Ireland to see his relatives, and one to Barbados, where he spent some time as child.

He passed away in November, but my wife is now thinking of getting an Irish passport - as he father was born there, she qualifies for one.


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that's okay

by jck In reply to Just to rub it in for JCK ...

If I want Irish citizenship that bad, I'll go marry an Irish girl.

God knows all the ones I met over there were stunning and sweet...can't say the same for other places I've been :^0

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to that's okay

"If I want Irish citizenship that bad, I'll go marry an Irish girl."

Talk about buying a cow to get the milk.

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by jck In reply to Geez.

But, I wouldn't call any of the girls in Ireland I met cows. I'd call them...fairy princesses...all just lovely and sweet and...damn, i'm moving over out, Colin Farrell!!! :^0

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It must be legit

by DMambo In reply to My father just received t ...

W. Ralph looks pretty honest to me.

Although his letter writing skills don't speak too well for Southeastern University.

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