My File menu toolbar is missing in Outlook 2003

By bob.pepper ·
My toolbar is gone and Outlook won't let me create a new one, its greyed out. I tried to dtect and repair over the network with no change. It ran, it just didn't fix it. There has to be a way because I've seen this before. thanks, bob

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Grey toolbar entry

by myronjenkins In reply to My File menu toolbar is m ...

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same problem and cannot find a way to fix it.

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by Richdoode In reply to Grey toolbar entry

Try searching for Outcmd.dat and delete the outcmd.dat file then re-launch Outlook.

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Thank you!

by 71553.360 In reply to outcmd.dat

Hi Richdoode:

Thank you for posting this fix. It was one of two on all of Google that pertained to this problem and it worked! You saved me from the horrors of uninstall and reinstalling all those updates and customizations!

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That worked for me . . .

by siddus74 In reply to outcmd.dat

Deletling the outlook.cmd reset mine - cheers!

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Glad I could help.

by Richdoode In reply to That worked for me . . ...

Have a good one!

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Solution confirmed

by jesau In reply to outcmd.dat

This solution also works for a missing Standard Toolbar (is it safe to assume others as well?). I would still like to know how the problem occurs in the first place...oh well.

Thanks again Richdoode

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Worked great, Thanks

by BigJoeDan In reply to outcmd.dat

Worked like a charm, we use a mail encryption tool and the newest version has a twitchy toolbar that seems to knock out the other toolbars when it locks down a message.
This fix works to reset things.

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Good job Richdoode -> worked a treat

by snafder In reply to outcmd.dat

This issue:
When Outlook is open -> the 'File' menu is visible
When a new email is created -> the 'File' menu is visible
When an email from the Inbox is opened (double click) -> the 'File' menu has vanished

[Per Richdoode's instructions]
Remote assisted to the PC -> Closed Outlook -> Start -> Search -> 'outcmd.dat' -> Search hidden folders -> located the file -> Deleted 'outcmd.dat' -> Opened Outlook -> Opened an email from the Inbox -> the 'File' menu has returned -> Solved

Awesome man - You're the best!

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Out of memory

by WSmart In reply to My File menu toolbar is m ...

This just happened to me with Outlook express. I got an out of memory error as I was playing with it, not at first. I closed some programs and then Outlook worked fine.

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Thank you!

by bmbufalo In reply to My File menu toolbar is m ...

This worked perfectly! Thank you for the fix!

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