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My first discussion today

By GSG ·
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This was the first discussion that I had today to start my day off as "one of those days". This is a user who was wanting help with a personal project, and caused me to do a faceplant, and come back to my office and raid my gumball machine that is full of ibuprofen. Enjoy my pain...

User: Hey, is it easy to scan pictures in my laptop?

Me: It depends on your laptop and scanner. Some are faster and easier than others to use.

User: Scanner? Whats that?

Me: Its the device that you use to scan the pictures.

User: I dont understand. You mean my laptop wont scan them?

Me: Yes, if you have the scanner attached.

User: I thought I put the picture in the laptop and closed the lid and it would be there. I dont understand.

Me: You have to get a scanner. It looks like a small photocopier, and you put the picture on the glass and a light runs across it to take a picture of it, then you save it on your laptop.

User: ?! Why do I have to put it on my laptop?

Me: You want to save a copy of the picture electronically, right?

User: No, I want to email it.

Me: Then you have to save it, and attach it to an email.

User: I dont understand.

Oh. My. God.

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Its good to find these users

by JamesRL In reply to My first discussion today

When the tech writer tells you, "its good enough" referring to documentation, remember this user.

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Your Evangelical Moment

by santeewelding In reply to My first discussion today
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hey, how come

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My first discussion today

you get the smart users who already know how to turn the laptop on and use email??

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Partially trained

by GSG In reply to hey, how come

Her daughter bought her a laptop for Christmas, and showed her how to turn it on, get on the internet, etc.... but neglected to explain a few important things. So when the user got back here, several thousand miles away, she didn't understand why she couldn't get on the internet. Boy was she mad when she found out that the internet just wasn't floating free in the air for anyone to magically connect to. She didnt' realize that she'd have to subscribe and pay for a service. Plus, we're in the boonies out here, and there are a lot of places where your only option is dial up.

She's a sweet lady, but she needs some serious lessons.

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Watch out, I got one like that

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Partially trained

And she needs to be re-taught how to send an email every other week. Oi vey, it's quicker to type her emails for her, which is what i think she's after.

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Ask him "what do you know"?....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My first discussion today

Then go from there. lol :)

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by Tigger_Two In reply to My first discussion today

Remember the old "blast with a cluebat?" This user needs one. Desperately. NOW.

Consider it a mercy beating.

I am grateful for my home office and the utter lack of end users. Even my cat knows how to properly use her USB device. (Ask me about my foot warmer)

Remember that if you strike your co-worker with an office supply, it isn't considered workplace violence, it is an accident caused by an improperly maintained work environment. A paper cutter is an office supply. So are scissors.

In all probability, a jury of your peers- IT professionals- would never convict you. Especially if they hear that story.

People laughed, but there was a reason that I kept a miniature bottle of scotch on top of my monitor. Even had a sign- "In case of emergency, break seal"

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Sorry, can't be mean to this one

by GSG In reply to (((hugs)))

She works in food service and could spike our food. OK, it's lousy hospital food, but it's all we've got. We only get 30 minutes for lunch so it's impossible to go out and get something, and only 2 pizza places deliver, so it's the cafeteria, or bring your own.

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Coffee time!

by oldbaritone In reply to My first discussion today

I'll have the double-chocolate-mocha-vodka-vallium latte, please...

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Oh, good grief.

by seanferd In reply to My first discussion today

My <s>sympathies</s> empathies.

<i>Hey, I was wondering if my printer* could be used to email stuff instead of using a fax**. </i>
What model is the printer? (Looks it up.) Your printer has a glass platen?
<i>Yes. I use it to photocopy stuff. </i>

*Printer he's owned for three years.
** I had made the suggestion long ago to check on this as his faxing habits are annoying.

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