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My First Job

By MrLoganyc ·
HELP... I am fresh out of school and haveing the hardest time finding an entry level opportunity. Can anyone give me some hints, recruiter numbers etc.

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Temp agencies

by generalist In reply to My First Job

You could always try a temp agency if you have the proper skills. Companies looking for permanent employees often start with temps and hire them if they are interested and do well.

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One "Secret", plus a couple of thoughts

by eBob In reply to Temp agencies

Most (some say as high as 85%!) of the available positions are NEVER advertised.

The best route to these positions are by making direct contact with the I.S./I.T. Managers at potential employers. You could just craft a concise cover letter and your resume and send it in "attention I.T. Manager". If you can get into a potential employer's building (LEGALLY!), and find out the person's name, you'll be that much further ahead. You should also do some research on what the company is doing. Keep an eye on the local newspapers, including the local "I.T." rag (around here it's "Toronto Computes"). You should be able to customise your cover letter and resume to answer the question: "Why should I hire this person?"

Your school should have an agency to help grads get jobs, and you're "obviously" using them. Right?

Don't let the "nay sayers" get you down. Yes some companies are scaling back, and few are adding to their workforces, but even the ones that are laying off are hiring (weird but true). And many will hire "new kids" because you will work for less money than us "old folks". At that point, you can prove your value.

Good Luck...

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Bad time

by Pandadude In reply to My First Job

This is absolutely the worst time for IT market in many (many) years. The market is flooded with people looking. And layoffs are continuing as we speak.
So keep trying but don't hold your breath.
You might do well to head back into school.

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consider higher educations

by Karthikeyan Umapathy In reply to My First Job

well for present situation i would consider to do continue with further studies.

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by umbuddy In reply to My First Job

Start with a temp agency. I could not get anything until I send my resume to 6 temp agency. Then I was getting about 3-4 calls a day asking if I wanted to apply for this or that,I waited 3 weeks, pick the best offer and got hired. Once you show you can do the work, you can go from temp to perm. Just make
sure where you work has temp to perm. The IRS wanted me to work as a temp for 2 years but no chance for perm, so I passed them.

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