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    My first Palm Pilot


    by dina_plunkett ·

    I am interested in purchasing a palm pilot and not sure what to be looking for in the product. I need it to store and quickly retrieve contact information and save important word and excel documents. I am interested in finding out it’s other functions as well as seeing if there is a pilot that can access my email if I choose to use that option in the future.

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      by choppit ·

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      If its Excel and Word you need then I’d recommend skipping the Palm OS and opt for a pocket PC which natively supports these applications. The HP H1940 is a good entry level model. The Palm OS has its own word processor and spreadsheet versions which are synchronised via third party conduits although I cant comment on how effective they are.

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      by marcato15 ·

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      Docs to go for the palm allows you to be able to view and edit files on the palm. Palm allows quick viewing of contacts and able to view email. The Zire models have more features depending on the model like voice recorder, camera, and mp3 player on the Z72. If you want to sinc up with outlook and microsoft office though, pocket pc is the way to go

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      by mdecos ·

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      I am Pro Palm OS. Documents to Go can sync with word and Excel documents. DataVis has an email program that I use to download from both my work e-mail and my personal e-mail during the hotsync. It is compatable with both SMTP/POP3 and Microsoft Exchange. Contact information can be stored and I currently use outlook as my PIM. The difference, and benefit, of Palm is that applications written for the Palm are highly compressed and that little memory is actually used to store the application. On the Pocket PC, the applications are typical of most windows applications, more memory needed and more files required to run. I am using a Tungsten E, my wife has a Treo 600, and my daughter is using an old m505. I also have a Dell Axim, but I have been using it more for games – Pocket PC games look better than the Palm counterparts.

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