My flash drive is having a "Write Protect Error"

By Pooshen ·
i have a Trascend flash that is having a problem whenever i try to put some files on it, it doesn't have a switch for read/write protect. i can still copy some files but only for a few moments but then the problem start again.

can anyone help me? i would delighted if someone could.

it will be a waste if i throw it away.

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Have you tried <b>Transcend's</b> Tool?

by Ron K. In reply to My flash drive is having ...

http://www.transcend.com.tw/Support/FAQ/index.asp?axn=queryFAQ&srhWhatBU=PBU&Func2No=192&Func1No=11&LangNo=0&FldNo=3&CatNo=114 <br>
It probably won't work but it's a place to start. To help you further it would help if you gave a specific model number as I saw 5 or more USB drives at their website.

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about transcend recovery tool

by Pooshen In reply to Have you tried <b>Transce ...

it did repair my flash drive for a while but then it started to malfunction again... i can still save some files though, but after it could only handle 1 file at a time.

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then it is stuffed UP

by BizIntelligence In reply to about transcend recovery ...

throw it away and buy new one...before you loose some important files

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try to get some help from the manufacturer

by ugendar In reply to then it is stuffed UP

see, if u still have the warranty period, u can try to replace it or if it transcend , u can try to upgrade the firmware by a software given in their website.....try tht.....

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