My Fujitsu Laptop running Xp w/SP2 will not start up

By k.edlund ·
I have been having a few issues lately with my laptop just shutting down all of a sudden. I finally figured out that it was over heating due to blocked air vents on the bottom. Prob, fixed.
Well, apparently not.
I restarted and it is now just going around and around in the start up boot phase.
Starts to load, gets to Windows is starting up..for about 10 seconds and then it goes right back and tries to restart again getting to Windows is Starting up ...around and around.
What do I do now???
I have tried booting up in all sorts of different modes including Safe mode but same thing with all of them.

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You could have fried the CPU with the blocked intakes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Fujitsu Laptop running ...

So start off by trying some Diagnostic Tools like the Ultimate Boot CD available for download here

The most Heat Sensitive component is the CPU so test that as well as the HDD and RAM. If they all pass the tests then start a test on the M'Board that should at the very least point you to the problem and give you an idea on what is required to fix the unit.


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Thank you Col

by k.edlund In reply to You could have fried the ...

Thank you for the input. I will try and download the fix on hubby's computer and give it a try.
So, if it is trying to boot up and is going through the diagnostics and it senses something wrong with the cpu it will keep trying to re-boot itself, round and round?

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No it will come up with an Error message

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank you Col

As the system is starting to work you should be able to run Diagnostics as this is all run in DOS without the aded load of using any modern OS that is involved when loading the OS.

That can be Windows or a form of Unix or BSD as they all add a extra initial load to the system on boot up.


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