My Games(TM) login

By csyounger ·
I get the following message whenever I login with a non-administrative account:

My GamesTM is unable to run using your current user account (limited account).
Please change your account to an administrative account.

What is this? It is running a process called disc_gui. I would like to get rid of this altogether. Thanks.

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For each user

by w2ktechman In reply to My Games(TM) login

some programs need to be 'installed', even if they are already installed onto the system. Without an admin. account, they do not have permissions to be installed. If you want to use this SW, add the user into the Administrator group, and then remove it after the install.
Or, if you do not want it to run for this user, go to start -- run -- type msconfig and press OK. Go to the startup tab, and remove it.

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by Kiltie In reply to My Games(TM) login

is a games magazine.

It looks like it is trying to add something to your machine that needs admin priv. Your OS is protecting you, quite rightly.

If you know of it and approve, go ahead, if not, deny it.

I would regard this as suspicious, as I don't see any need for an access to a games magazine requiring admin priv.

disc_gui is a program/routine to do with rotary dynamics, way above my head.

Run a full malware scan (both AV and spyware/trojan)

Post back if you haven't any, there are free ones online.

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I found it

by csyounger In reply to GamesTM

Thanks for the replies. I found out that the disc_gui process was part of the Discover games package. I wasn't originally sure if it was related to the CD/DVDR. Once I found out it was ONLY for gaming, I was able to delete it with confidence. Case closed.

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i get that same screen

by imagirl In reply to My Games(TM) login

I get that same annoying screen and I didn't install any games on it
keeps coming up at boot up and it's not an HP issue or package
said you could remove it from msconfig but what am I looking for then

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found it and uninstalled it

by imagirl In reply to i get that same screen

it's not a virus or adware or malware its actually Discover Game console that is pkgd with XP MCE to get rid of the screen either set up a second user account or just uninstall it there is an uninstaller program in Program files\disc folder but there is no folder in the start menu

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how do i uninstall it?

by twinmom9201 In reply to found it and uninstalled ...

I can't even find an uninstall file or the file for the disc_gui. What file am i looking for? I really need to get this off my computer!

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