My grandson has a blelkin wireless router and a linksys wireless pci card

By Lprowse ·
the linksys is in his laptop, his brothers laptop has built in wireless and easily connects to the belkin. he can't get his linksys card to see the router. what can he do?

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What distinction are you making here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My grandson has a blelkin ...

Between "linksys in his laptop" and "laptop has built in wireless"?

Surely BOTH laptops have built in wireless? I've never known a laptop with a user serviceable PCI slot.

Where EXACTLY does this Linksys attach to the laptop?

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One of the laptops is older and does not have built in. He has a pci card

by Lprowse In reply to What distinction are you ...

He has a pci card that fits in a slot in the side of the laptop.

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Not PCI - that is a PCMCIA card ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to One of the laptops is old ...

As such you ought to heed the advice of TheChas and follow his instructions.

What are the operating systems of these older and newer laptops?

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Wireless Types

by TheChas In reply to My grandson has a blelkin ...

I presume that the one laptop has either a PCMCIA or a PC card slot on it.

The first thing to check is if both devices are on the same Wireless protocol.

Is the router a B, G, or N?

Is the wireless card designed and configured for the same?

Next, make sure that the wireless card is enabled and seeking access.

Then, you may need to open network settings and connect to the network that is based on the router.

Is the router security enabled?
If so, you also need the password to connect.


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