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My graphic cars changed to the microsoft basic adapter, help.

By Vortex182838 ·
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Hey guys, i have a problem here that my nvidia gtx1660ti can't seem to be detected by windows. It all started when i am playing red dead redemption 2 and suddenly my laptop blue screened then it reboots then i noticed that my laptop got laggy and when i tried to start rdr2 again it's 5 fps. I tried opening up other games and it's also laggy so i checked dxdiag and i was surprised that Microsoft display adapter was my graphics card then i tried changing it back to my nvidia through device manager but it's still the same. I dont know what to do anymore. This happened just a few hours ago
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You have to download the Windows 10 Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My graphic cars changed t ...

Which according the N Vidia Site are 450 MEG so it's some sort of program and that is the the Windows 10 64 Bit OS not a 32 Bit OS not sure if they have one for the 32 Bit OS as the Internet here today is appalling.

It's just come up with the N Vidia Download page and it doesn't have any 32 Bit Drivers so look at your OS first and make sure you have a 64 Bit OS

They list a Driver version of 457.30 WHQL which is over 600 Meg in size which is apparently different to what I got by searching for a Windows 10 64 Bit Driver nvidia gtx1660ti listed above.

Not sure what you actually have there but every time I've installed 10 and it doesn't pick up the Video Drivers all I have ever had to do was install them from the Makers Web Site unless of course the system it was on was a Upgrade to 10 from 7 or 8 in which case it gets harder as you have to force an install of the earlier Windows Driver and ignore the warning messages about it not being certified for 10 and hopefully it may work. As 7 & 8 is supposed to be what 10 was built on they should work but in some cases you need to install the older version of Windows install all of the drivers and then upgrade it to 10. However installing 8 Drivers for the wrong version of the OS isn't going to work either you have to use the right drivers for your OS so if you have a 32 Bit Version of 10 it will probably be the earlier install of the OS and drivers then the upgrade that is required though I can not see why anyone would willingly use a 32 Bit OS today.

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