my hard drive spinning but not shown in bios

By N00bE ·
I have a western digital 160gigs
and it has been 5 days since i purchased it
and now its gone!!!I don't know why?
it was running perfectly though....
now when I boot my pc it takes time to do "POST"
and then it says secondary hard disk error
press F1 to continue
I played with jumpers...but didn't work
i also downloaded western digital diagnostic tool also some other stuff but non of them worked.also it gave me error code 0201.
I tried to test it on multiple other computers
and put it into a usb drive enclosure also didn't work but for this method windows xp
identify the disk but it its not shown in my computer
and finally I am thinking into swapping the controller board or the drive platters
do you have any other suggestions to try?
thanx a alot.

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Dead Drive

by BFilmFan In reply to my hard drive spinning bu ...

Assuming that the BIOS settings haven't changed, you have a dead drive. Get it replaced by the vendor.

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thaks 4 taking time to reply!

by N00bE In reply to Dead Drive

but i stored about 75 gigs in it and i don't want to download them again!!
what about swapping platters or controller board??

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If you try this you destroy any Warranty and the drive itself

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thaks 4 taking time to re ...

As for swapping the platters this is what your Data is stored on so they would have to be fitted to another drive of identical model so that they could be read. That would involve destroying 2 drives which may still be cheaper than paying a Recovery Service but as far as hardware goes it's a waste as it would involve 3 HDD thought he third doesn't have to be the same Make & Model as the first two.

As for actually opening the HDD case this needs to be done in a Class 1 Clean Room or the drive will be contaminated and the bits of dust and other debris that get in will cause the drive to be destroyed as they will get caught between the Read Write Heads and the Platters scratching the Magnetic Material on the Platters and rendering at the very least parts of the drive unreadable.

Best guess on a 5 day old HDD is to return it to the place that you bought it and get it replaced then do what you can to download the stuff again.


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by N00bE In reply to If you try this you destr ...

but I saw many of the swapping process done outside but you have to be careful about that!!
wearing anti static gloves covering your hair and stuff..
I started to think of making a new business in this ..

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I doubt that you will be able to

by Jacky Howe In reply to my hard drive spinning bu ...

access the drive to retreive your Data. Then again if it is that important you can use a professional recovery service but it will be expensive.


You should be able to have it replaced under warranty.

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WOW - 75GB of downloads in FIVE days ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to my hard drive spinning bu ...

Maybe the HDD just upped and died from sheer exhaustion.

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No they are not all downloded!

by N00bE In reply to WOW - 75GB of downloads i ...

although i was continuously downloading using torrents and other download Accelerators
the problem is that i was afraid that my data will be lost in the first old drive so I transferred a lots of them to this hard drive
and all of a sudden it "DEAD" sigh!!

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