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We run Windows Me on our harddisk that contain very sensitive information. After a staff used it, the harddrive refused to boot.
I tried to change the os to Win xp professional. After a while the harddrive refused to even register. Instead it is giving the following message:

Invalid drive specification. Even when I start the system with win 98 boot disk. It gives the same message. Is there a way I can recover the lost partition?

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If you are VERY lucky, all that has happened is that the controller board on the hard drive has failed.

The best way to recover form a HDD controller failure is to replace the board with one from the same make and model drive.

This isn't a Fujitsu drive is it?
They have a class action settlement for a failure of the controller IC for some drives.

I ask because your symptoms are very similar to a system I recently repaired.

Short of the controller board, your best recovery option may be to send the drive to a data recovery service.

One other chance, is to download and read through the TR download 200 Ways to recover a dead hard drive.


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by aspowell20 In reply to

Exactly! The harddrive is Fujitsu.
Thanks so much for your reply. I found them very helpful. I will download the Techrepublic 200 ways recovering a dead harddrive. Once again, thank you and God bless

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by aspowell20 In reply to MY HARDDISK REFUSED TO RE ...

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