My hardware doesn't respond under Win xp

By spicee ·
I can't use none of my devices - such as sound, keyboard, touchpad and from time to time my usb mouse dies.
I've re-installed my Win xp several times, but even during the installation the devices didn't work. I tried a different winxp - same thing.
In safe mode everything's fine, but even formatiing C: doesn't work.
Need help, because next step is throwing my laptop out the window.

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by Sue T In reply to My hardware doesn't respo ...

your laptop should have come with a CD that has the correct drivers for your computer. It might also have been on a partition on the hard drive if you did not get any CDs. Did you use this to install your hardware? If you don't have a CD and can't find it on the hard drive you could also go to the manufacturers website and download whatever you need. My laptop has an intell motherboard and I download updated drivers from their site when needed. If this isn't your problem please post again.

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Used correct drivers

by spicee In reply to drivers

I've done the installing with the cd that came with the laptop, but i don't unerstand why there's no problem in safe mode.
Even after reinstalling everything and with only basic programs there's no response form the devices it's like only hte monitor works properly...

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This begs the question...did you upgrade to XP or did it come with XP?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to My hardware doesn't respo ...

If you simply popped an XP CD in there to do an upgrade without ensuring that the laptop is certified to be compatible with XP, then you pretty much shot yourself in the foot. All hardware for XP needs to be certified to run with it, which means you have to check Microsoft's hardware compatibility list (HCL) to ensure your laptop can run XP. Now, if your laptop came with XP and mysteriously stopped functioning, I suggest you scan it for viruses/spyware/malware before attempting to XP to a newly formatted partition. Also, try clearing the CMOS on the laptop and see if that yields any positive results.

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Already worked under Xp

by spicee In reply to This begs the question... ...

I've been having the laptop with xp for a year and no problem, but some 2 weeks ago i gave it to friend and when she gave it back i saw the problems.
Knowing she is scared of connecting a usb key to the pc i doubt she went on deleting importnat files in the win directory.
I've re-formatted, re-installed spyware viruses, but even updating their database from the net is difficult because nothing responds and i'm with bound hands...
I've tried ccleaner and avasta virus program, but i've got the feeling there is some program in playing smart and i'm really lost

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Laptop keyboard and touch pad doesn't respond under Win xp

by kbrownk2004 In reply to My hardware doesn't respo ...

Had same problem myself after reinstalling windows XP sereral time and all latest different drivers etc, to no sucess,in the the end I found it to be battery problem (think its dying now doesn't charge)take out battery and start laptop with power aptaptor only and see what happens, it sorted my problem, good luck

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Found a very stupid fact

by spicee In reply to My hardware doesn't respo ...

I've never taught that the solution to my mouse and keyboard errors could be so easy.
Apparentely, noone knows that when the battery's dead and when you plugged in the main net, your laptop will just refuse loading up anything else than the monitor functions, i kinda think, that the pc was thinking way too much over the lack of power, that it wasn't capable to do it's work properly.
So now my problem's gone, i just pulled out the dead battery and everything came back to normal....
Thanks for all guys...

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