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My HD is alive but with a noisy sound

By imgstudio ·
After I read alot of a great useful things in here I have a question regarding my dead HD.. or actually half dead just right now, my HD is IBM deskstar 82GB, it was working but suddenly stopped and no spinning at all (dead) just like no power.. tried many things.. attached it to another computer with the same result and that was from more than 18 months, it was working sometimes a little then halt and back with the same issue till not working at all from that time and till now, but after reading how to reviving dead HDs, I tried to put it on my FREEZER but the same result not working, then I tried another thing, by hitting on it and droping it on the carpet a few times then attached it to the power cable and then!!! it's spinning like charm (GREAT) I feel like my heart is spinning with it and glad to hear its voice again but the problem is it won't be detect by the mother board and there's some ugly sounds from the motor like.. start spinning but something hold the motor and won't let him spin or there's a break trying to stop the motor.. also like something stuck in there, please help me with this, as at least its start spinning, and I have also a question, can I open the HD cover and see what happened inside and what will happen if I do so?
I feel very disappointed and hope to make it working and backup my projects.

Thanks you very much for helping anyway

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Maybe you will be lucky and get some info off in time....

by Black Panther In reply to My HD is alive but with a ...

If you get it working -- BACKUP straight away - don't muck around and good luck! :)

Have a look here


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it's not detectable

by imgstudio In reply to My HD is alive but with a ...

my problem is that my HD is not detectable at all because there's a noisy sound after turning on the power and after 3-4 seconds.. there's something still happening.. maybe opening the HD can solve it but I don't know if this is safe thing to do as I know is the last chance is to open the HD cover and I am afraid to do this thing.

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If your lucky

by jdmercha In reply to My HD is alive but with a ...

If you have a clean room you should be able to open the HD without a problem. But as you probably don't have one airbirne dust will probably damage the drive. But then again if you can't get to it anyways, you have nothing to loose.

One other option might be to remove the circuit board from the drive and replace it with the board from an identical drive.

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We all die

by Dr Dij In reply to My HD is alive but with a ...

hard drives included.

Run out and get a DVD burner ($62 US). blanks about $30/100. You've then got 4.7gig of space for indiv projects or can backup your whole system to multiple DVDs.

If the HD was on its side, bearings can wear in one spot. Try holding the drive and twist your wrist real hard. The point is to spin the disks, off a worn spot. It's like a car tire stuck in mud. We had this problem years ago with Quantum drives mounted vertically.

If your projects are important you can also buy a serial ata raid card for about 80$ up and hookup up multiple drives raided, so any one drive failure will not wipe you out. Simply get a new drive, plug it in and it will regenerate the missing drive.

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Sounds Dead to me

Yes there is a chance that you could open and find/fix a problem but VERY unlikely and the risk of opening in a non-clean room usually doesnt make it worth the time. You could try the other suggestions Ive read here and you may have a slight chance of success. The best idea is if there currently isnt anything of value you have to get off the drive now is to pitch and buy new. Even if you get working I wouldnt trust it with anything additinal. If you have data on it and dont already have backups then "I'm Sorry" I know how it is to loose a good set of data. You could try a recover service but they arent cheap usually otherwise if you can get the drive up and running once - dont stop pass right on pass GO and copy as much as possible as quickly as possible then start over with a new HD.

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NO surrender on testing my HD

by imgstudio In reply to Sounds Dead to me

I really need the projects but can't pay alot for recovering services

I did something yesterday and I just want to share it even if it's not working, but it's a try on a dead HD anyway so why not try, so I decided to open the drive anyway to see whether the problem from the HD board or from the motor, but after opening the drive it seems the problem from the board itself, because after opening the drive cover the head was good but I noticed that it's like parked all the way and far from the cylinders.. so I returned it on the cylinder and spin a little for just a second.. then closed the drive and pluged it to the computer with the same result.. noise like tuk tuk tuk so I think it's from the board because 1 chipset on the board was very HOT after seconds from turning on the power... and I think thats mean the board is sending wrong information to the motor so it's not working properly.. now I am trying to replace the board from an identical drive but with no luck on where to find the same one specially it's an old 80GB IBM that I bought from more than 3 years.( any help would be appreciated)

>>READ HERE if u want to open ur drive with nother successful story on opening the drive cover.. but be careful because it's RISKY and try to not breath against the drive after u open it<<

so what I did to open the drive is this, I have an old 40GB hard drive but has bad sectors and I don't care about it, then I put some data just want to do a test so if there's any successful working on it before opening my 80GB IBM drive.. the I prepared my bathroom and open a hot water making some steam to wash the air from dust and close the door for 10 minutes then close the water and open the door so the steam comes out, then I opened the 40GB HD and play a little with the head and spin the cylinder back and fourth.. nothing than just playing for about 30 seconds... then closed the HD and plug it into the computer and the drive still working.. played some videos and quicktime files.. copy huge giga files... after all it's working in good condition.

Nothing than just want to share and thanks alot for everyone here who's trying to help anyway.

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