My home pc will not start up

By richardbo ·
when I turn on my pc it brings up Windows XP screen with loading bar but keeps rebooting before I get to log in screen. I have tried loading up in safe mode but it will not work either. Can anybody help

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OK this is most likely a Hardware Issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My home pc will not start ...

To confirm this you should attempt to Boot with a Boot Disc like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

Download the ISO File, Burn it to a CD and try Booting off this Disc. If it falls over when you attempt to run a Diagnostic or even fails to load the Selection Screen Start off with a Known Good Power Supply and see what if any difference that makes.

Of course you may need to enter the BIOS and alter the Boot Order to Optical Drive or CD before the HDD and save the changes as you exit the BIOS.

If things work perfectly with the Ultimate Boot CD then you need to do a Repair Install of your OS which has been corrupted. If you have a Microsoft Branded Install Disc you can use Method 2 shown here

If you have a System Makers Recovery Disc you can still try a Method 2 but depending on how the Recovery Disc was made you may not get the second R to select.


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Alternate Method

by TonyReilly In reply to My home pc will not start ...

Great advice from OH Smeg, one thing to also try if you havent is:

Power off the laptop, turn it back on and press F8, this will show you the same screen that you will have seen Safe mode on but it will also include an option called "Last known good configuration that worked" this is a snap shot of the settings and configuration from the last time you make a sucessful login.


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New Hard Drive

by Tyharo In reply to My home pc will not start ...

It sounds as though the hard drive is bad, one way to check is to see if you can here it making any sounds. If its making a continual clicking sound then the hard drive is bad and you will have to buy another.

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Something else to try

by wesley.chin In reply to My home pc will not start ...

Also, you can try getting into Safe mode, initiating a disk check with automatically fix errors selected. You will get a prompt to reboot, do so, then before Windows XP loads, the disk check will be done first. See if that helps. If so, when you have the time, I recommend doing what I mentioned above again, except this time select both available options.

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Boot from original install CD

by oldbaritone In reply to My home pc will not start ...

and try to "repair."

failing that, reinstall windows.

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Further, if you do get into Safe Mode,

by seanferd In reply to My home pc will not start ...

turn off the auto restart on failure*. That way, you'll get an error message that can help diagnose the problem.

Right-click My Computer → Properties → Advanced → Startup and recovery settings → System Failure: un-check "Automatically Restart".

*Dumbest Windows default setting ever.

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