My HP Laptop failed, is it true

By highflyn737pilot ·
HP told me that when my laptop stoped working that it was a virus, then it turned into a hard drive failure. So when they ran a BIOS check it said CHECK FAILED #1-07 FAIL.... what is the sympnosis? now it its flat out not turning on or responding, if it does turn on is it possible to save part of my files?

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Well if it's not turning on

by OH Smeg In reply to My HP Laptop failed, is i ...

I would imagine you have a Hardware problem not a software issue.

You can always remove the HDD from it and fit to a USB Enclosure and then plug into another computer to read your DATA.

A few potential issues though if you had a Password on the OS that required you to Log In every time you booted you may need to take Ownership of your Files.;en-us;308421

If the NB has XP on it and you plug it into a computer running Vista the OS may be unable to read the HDD ideally you should plug it into the same OS type to recover your files or use a Live Linux.

If you had the Encrypted File System in use and did not backup the Encryption Key you will have a problem and you should send this drive off to a Data Recovery Company to recover your Files.

Or if you can lay your hands on an identical Model NB you could fit your HDD to this and boot then when it is running Backup your Files Unencrypted to some external media.

Even if the HDD has failed completely it is still possible to send it away to a Data Recovery House and get them to see what they can recover. On Track managed to recover Data off a HDD that was on Colombia when it failed. Though the last is not a cheap option.


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