My HP Proliant server totally dead with Raid 5

By wajidsn ·
my Hp proliant ml 370 with three scsi hard drive is totally dead and i want to recover my data from it is it possible

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warranty? are all three disks bad?

by netwrk_admn In reply to My HP Proliant server tot ...

Kind of left us with a little to go off of. If you're under warranty, call them right away to get the machine up. If it's not in warranty, well, that's not good - i hope you don't run a business without them under warranty if you can really help it. (sometimes management just won't pony up the money but it is your responsibility to tell them why they should and the risks)

Is the machine working but the hard drives not posting? If the drives just stopped working, maybe it's the backplane that they sit on and not that actual data. If two of the three drives are still working, you're okay, that's why you have RAID 5.

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Server Dead

by wajidsn In reply to warranty? are all three d ...

the server is very old it is not in warranty just i wanted to take the data from it by connecting to another machine is it possible or is there any way i don't want to send it recovery

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RE: or is there any way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Server Dead

Grab another 370 and connect these drives to that would be the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution here.

If you don't have a Backup this would be the best way forward here if you are unwilling to send these drives to a Data Recovery Company.


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ML 370

by wajidsn In reply to RE: [i]or is there any wa ...

i don't have another server to connect

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Well then owing to the fact that these drives

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ML 370

Where used in a RAID Array you need to send them off to a Data Recovery House who can deal with RAID Arrays. There currently is no software solution to recovering the data off these disc's.


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The machine is not working

by wajidsn In reply to warranty? are all three d ...

there is no warranty and machine is not starting and if i want my data to be recover is it possible if so how.

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Another cheap solution...

by bodhik In reply to The machine is not workin ...

find out what is dead in the server and buy on ebay, make the up and get the data back if you feel whole server is not faulty...

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