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My http tunnel software

By anders2009 ·
How to Protect Themselves on the Internet.

<p>No matter what you do, access to Internet become indispensable in our life. We can enjoy our life comfortably as we can save lots of our time primarily due to the readiness of fruitful & useful information from Internet. However, when we rely much on Internet, we also have to pay high attention to our security problem, as this will cause you much more trouble if your privacy data is lost. Personally, I always face problem in the following situation:</p>
<p>(1) at an open wireless hotspot, but I don't want to send my web browsing data over it in <b>plain text</b>.</p>
<p>(2) want to visit a <b>non-work-approved</b> web page (like Stocks, Bloomberg Internet TV) from the office computer but more importantly, this should <b>NOT</b> be monitored thoroughly by IT team.</p>

<p>I have tried lots of methods as suggested by web/blog/major download sites. To summarize, there are various methods and I have to state herewith for discussion purpose, hopefully my experience can save your time as well, as I have spent nearly 1-2 months to analyze what is the best method for secured online surfing at any location outside my home.</p>
<p>(a) Cgwin SSH tunnel</p>
<p>(b) Teamviewer/LogMeIn</p>
<p>(c) Free Anonymous Proxy server</p>
<p>(d) Subscribe https tunnel</p>
<p>(e) SuperNetworkTunnel (SNT)</p>
<p>I have two criteria in selecting the best methods:</p>
<p>(i) easy to implement, for common user with compatible but not powerful computer/software like Pentium/XP Home basic.</p>
<p>(ii) No data ever running through outsider, as if you proxy your web traffic to outsider, then, actually this create another privacy problem even though independent service provider would normally give you guarantee on privacy</p>
<p>For (a) Cgwin SSH tunnel, I setup for 1 week but finally give up as it is not easy to use and also not all programs can be easily reset for sock redirecting.</p>
<p>For (b), Teamviewer have good connection speed and good control/function and all data are encrypted. Everything seems ok except all data is redirected to run through teamviewer proxy server, which is supposed to be located in Germany. As, again, this is not suitable for my criterion (ii).</p>
<p>For (c), many users suggest to use free anonymous proxy. However, anonymous doesn't mean secured. This method is surely unsecured and again this also create the same problem for my criterion (ii).</p>
<p>For (d), subscribe https tunnel service, same privacy problem as all data are redirected to outsiders as well.</p>
<p>For (e), I tried to implement (30-day trail) SuperNetworkTunnel (SNT) program at my home computer, and go-through all necessary testing like socket sniff, http sniff, network card sniff, I found out that all data are secured and encrypted by RSA+AES Encryption.</p>
<p>After testing all the above methods, I finally decide to use method (e).</p>
<p>It's SuperNetworkTunnel to solve all my needs. I pay one-off license fee to purchase SNT program for my private use and there is no other charge at all.</p>
<p>For server-side, it's extremely simple to implement at any compatible computer with even relatively out-of-date software XP home basic. It includes domain name register service to solve my dynamic IP address problem, which cause lots of trouble to home user.</p>
<p>For client-side, SNT provide USB portable version and you definitely find this useful if you don't want to leave any track in your office computer. Also, you can drag any program to SNT for redirecting and your data is NO longer sniffered/monitored by others.</p>
<p>SNT can suit my 2 criteria, (i) easy implementation & (ii) highly secured. From now on, I don't need to feel scared for my office IT team or any hacker in coffee shop.</p>
<p>Do try it and pay attention to your privacy data, as nowadays losing your privacy data is much more dangerous than losing your credit card. You can't take any risk of losing your job or losing your bank password. <strong>Do try SNT, get if from <a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href=""></a> </strong></p>

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Maybe spam - but this time a very welcome one :-)

by rsaddey In reply to My http tunnel software

Using your recommendation, I was able to apply remote debugging to one of my programs deployed at a customer site and guarded by a corporate firewall.

Nothing I'd want to do on a regular basis, but less inconvenient than installing an IDE and source codes (!) at a customer site.

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