My Inspiron 5100 Won't Work.

By Vauxnn ·
Okay, so I recently started to get an Inspiron 5100 working after it'd been sitting around for a couple of years. The only apparent problem was that the hard drive was broken. After replacing the hard drive, I noticed another problem - the laptop won't turn on without the AC cord plugged in. You can turn it on and unplug the cord, and it works fine on battery, and the battery charges fine. Not only this, but if you turn it on with the AC plugged in, turn it off, then unplug the AC, it turns on without the AC on (though if you turn it off again, it won't turn on again without the AC cord plugged in). After completely diassembling the laptop, I couldn't find any apparent issues, so I put it back together. (Same problem.)

Anybody have any clue what the issue is?

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by Maevinn In reply to My Inspiron 5100 Won't Wo ...

Was it used with a docking station previously? I've had problems with laptops that were used on docking stations and not turned off before being removed too often.

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i'm no electronics expert, but...

by computechdan In reply to My Inspiron 5100 Won't Wo ...

it sounds like a relay or sumtin sticking open or closed in the power circuit. jus for kicks i'd try cycling between battery and a/c power a number of times to see if it cleared up.

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That's a negative.

by Vauxnn In reply to i'm no electronics expert ...

Nah, it's never been used with a docking station (though it's a big enough laptop). And I've done the turning it off/on like that all day long with no results.

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Try draining the battery......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to That's a negative.

Try leaving it on battery until the battery is almost dead. You may need to change the power settings so it won't go into hibernation upon low battery. See if you can drain as much as possible out of the battery, then shut it down. Now, plug the cord in and let it charge for a few hours without turning it on. Give it plenty of time.

After that's done, test again and see if the problem went away.

I know it sounds silly, but some of these laptops had a CMOS battery which only charged when the laptop battery was charging. When they die, the laptop wouldn't power up. In your testing, you've given it just enough charge to last through one power up, but it can't make it a second time. It's entirely possible that it's dead and needs to be charged, and the only way you'll get it to do so is by forcing the laptop battery to go through a complete charge cycle. Silly, but I've seen it work.

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A valiant effort...

by Vauxnn In reply to Try draining the battery. ...

...but a no go. I did exactly as you said, but it's still got the same problem. And I thought it would work this time, too!

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