My installed RAM is reading lower than said value

By 50BrainSurgeon ·
I recently purchased four 1GB sticks of RAM for my computer. Having done my research on my motherboard and the RAM I was purchasing, I knew all the hardware pieces were compatible with each other.

However, After I successfully installed the RAM on my motherboard and started my computer, it read that it only had 3.12 GB of RAM instead of the 4 GB I was hoping to see.

Did something go wrong? Could I have possibly installed the sticks of RAM incorrectly? Could one of the sticks be faulty?
Someone please help me!!

NOTE: The makers of the RAM I installed is Kingston, if that has anything to do with my RAM problem.

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Certainly not rocket science.....

by CG IT In reply to My installed RAM is readi ...

see this MS KB article or go to Toms Hardware forums and ask...

From the MS KB article: "The reduction in available system memory depends on the devices that are installed in the computer. However, to avoid potential driver compatibility issues, the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista limit the total available memory to 3.12 GB. See the "More information" section for information about potential driver compatibility issues. "

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Thank you

by 50BrainSurgeon In reply to Certainly not rocket scie ...

This was very helpful, thank you CG. I failed to mention that I'm running Windows XP Home Edition. With the knowledge you have presented, my thirst for troubleshooting has been quenched.

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32 bit vs 64 bit

by mafiachild1985 In reply to My installed RAM is readi ...

Depending on your OS and size of the processor your problem may be the fact your running a 32 bit OS. Weirdly enough a 32 bit will stop reading around 3 gb and will never read 4. for example I have a Motherboard that can handle 8bg i have a 32 bit OS if i pump 8gb into my computer it will read a whopping 3.45 max with 4.15 gb of ram twiddling there thumbs until I upgrade my OS. hope that helps, however if you do have all the stats right you may have bad slots or sticks. ESD on the ram easly enough switch them out or better yet switch to two 2gb sticks see if the problem persist

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forgot to mention

by mafiachild1985 In reply to 32 bit vs 64 bit

that although you have the compatibility of 4gb it also takes into account your sound card and NIC card,graphics card etc so with that being said with a 32bit OS if you install a nvidia 9600gt pcie 1024mb graphics card that will also drive your ram compatibility down

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Thank you

by 50BrainSurgeon In reply to forgot to mention

Thank you for your help mafiachild! I did not realize that a 32-bit OS would drive my RAM compatibility down. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition, so that is definitely why I'm only getting 3.12 GB of RAM instead of my expected 4GB.

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