My internet connection keeps going online and offline

By highvisual ·
I have a pc in my bedroom and downstairs, downstairs has a modem which has a wirless router also installed, so that i could have the internet in my bedroom the internet works fine but it has obvious faults and problems at times, as i cannot go on msn messenger sometimes and if i can i cant send webcam and my messages do not send often or recieve. also i own a shop and when im adding stock online sometimes it looses its connection and all the stock and time is wasted. but whilst this all happens my connection remains to say either excellent or good :) which to me is strange if its causing problems on the internet in my bedroom, i have a belkin router any suggestions and help would be brillant.

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So are you asking why am I loosing the WiFi Connection

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My internet connection ke ...

Or why do I loose the entire Internet Connection?

If you are just looking for a solution to the WiFi Problem you have some form of interference drowning out the WiFi signal so look for any sources of RF Energy near but Cell Phone Towers, cordless phones, Repeater stations for TV, Radio, Microwave Data Transmissions, Cell Phones that type of thing will cause the WiFi to drop out regularly.

As for the not being able to use the Web Cam and so on as you have limited connectivity between the WiFi Access point and computer I would suggest that it is connected to the WiFi problem that you are experiencing. But even when this is working correctly because WiFi is much slower than hard wired Networks you get a much slower response time and everything is slower.

The bit I don't quite understand is this

also i own a shop and when im adding stock online sometimes it looses its connection and all the stock and time is wasted. but whilst this all happens my connection remains to say either excellent or good which to me is strange if its causing problems on the internet in my bedroom

what computer is being used here and how its it connected to the Internet? If it's the same one in your bedroom you are still suffering from the WiFi problem but I'm dammed if I can understand why someone would be doing stock control work from their bedroom when they have a perfectly good workstation available to them when they can work more comfortably.


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why do I loose the entire Internet Connection?

by highvisual In reply to My internet connection ke ...

Hi thanks you reply my question is hy do I loose the entire Internet Connection?

the reason why i am not using the downstairs computer connected to the modem is that computer experiences the same problems if anything its worse at times.

It effecting both pc upstairs and downstairs ever since a router has been installed.

many thanks for your response please could you help me further.

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Well there are a couple of things that are worth looking at

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to why do I loose the entire ...

Start off with the router and see if everything is connected properly and that there are no damaged leads to the Modem or Router.

If this is an ADSL Modem do you have Low Pass Filters on every Phone extension on that particular line? Is the Splitter connected the right way round? Easiest way to tell this is if you hear a stream of beeps regularly the Splitter is connected the wrong way and the Modem connection is going to the Phone and the Phone is connected to the Modem Socket.

Also because of where you are listen in on a phone and see if you hear any noise on the line.

The Telco's don't maintain their equipment properly all the time and corrosion can get in and cause a lot of background noise on the line and this causes lost packets which looks like a temp loss of connection. One place that I went to was so bad that I couldn't hear the dial tone over the noise that was on the line. If that's the case call the Telco involved and get then to fix the problem.

If that's sounds OK I would be looking at trying another Router with a WiFi Access point but before you take that step use the downstairs computer and open the Routers Setup Interface by typing in it's HTTP address and then enter the User Name & Password and have a dig around in the setup side of things it may not be set correctly and that could be the problem.

It may be worthwhile looking at the manual for the Belkin Router this should be a PDF file on the CD that Came with it. You'll find the correct HTTP address to get into the setup menu and the user name & Password and then the complete setting listings so you'll be able to setup correctly without a problem but for starters forget about any form of WiFi Security once things are working properly you can instigate MAC or WEP addressing but for starters you want it working properly first. If you can not lay your hands on the CD easily you can find the manual here

And at the same time as you'll be trashing the settings anyway flash to the newest Firmware so you have the latest Security Updates nd then you'll know that you are working from Factory Defaults.

If this is a Cable Connection try bypassing the Router and just plug the Cable modem directly into the computer through the Ethernet Port and see if you have any drop outs. If you don't it's a fairly good bet that there is something wrong with the router. Or that instead of plugging in the cable from the modem to the Uplink Port of the router it's been plugged into one of the Ethernet ports. But if you have an all in one unit you are stuck with just doing what you can to see if it's setup correctly.

Lets know how you get on.


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by cworsley4 In reply to My internet connection ke ...

there is several issue that could make this happen there is the chance that you are uot of range from the router. if you are not that far away from it then ther may be to many walls from you to the router. there is another promblem if there is some one else in you apartment complex or in your neiborhood that is close, then they could have the same channel. so to change the channel go to run type in cmd. then this will open up the command prompt and type ipconfig this will give you your ip address then type the numbers under default gateway. this will give the wireless router configuration. it will then ask you for the admin user name and passord type admin for the user name and the password.unless you have put on a password on the router and an ssid then type that in for the name and password. go to the wireless tab and chosse any of the 12 channel different then the on that you hade i hope that this helps you and that is was not to confussing. i have hade the same promblem in the past i changed the channel that it was on and it cleared the whole thing up. there ethernet cable could be bad try to swich them out with some known good ones.

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Conection type?

by kdrungilas In reply to My internet connection ke ...

Are you connecting to the internet through Dial up? Or through cable?

Previous posts have addressed the possible problems with phone lines and the wireless.

If you are using a cable modem, you might find its your cable provider. Ours routinely goes down during the day, as that's when they do their maintenance (figuring more people are on the internet in the evening). We also experienced slow-down and dropped signals when more people are on the neighborhood cable.

If its cable, have the cable company check for signal degredation - this is often affected by the weather. Our cable company boosts the signal in summer months and has to turn it down in winter months at the neighborhood junction box. Weird, but true. If you have digital tv and notice a lot of pixelization in the picture - its a signal strength issue.

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