My Internet Explorer 8 is slow to start up. it says "Connecting" forever

By JADavis9 ·
I am on a fast cable service on a small home network and this pc is wired not wireless. So why does IE take so long to start up and say "Connecting" for so long while starting up?

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Try this

by 1bn0 In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

Internet Options
LAN Settings
Automatically detect settings - uncheck

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Automatically Detect was not checked

by JADavis9 In reply to Try this

Thanks, but Automatically detect was not checked

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If you don't connect through a proxy server,

by Ron K. In reply to Automatically Detect was ...

I've always thought that automatically detect settings needs to be checked. <br>
Whenever IE8 gives me trouble I reset everything in the Tools|Options Security and the Advanced tab back to the default.

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I don't use a proxy server and no luck with idea

by JADavis9 In reply to If you don't connect thro ...

Automatically Detect is checked. And my IE was set back to Default and my FileHippo updates site would not download my updates, so I put it back to Custom. FileHippo works but IE is still a bit slow to start up.

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I have my home page set to, 'about:blank'.

by Ron K. In reply to I don't use a proxy serve ...

It never occured to me that you may have some heavily used home page. Your initial connection totally depends upon how busy your home page is. Me? I'd much rather navigate anywhere I want when I start IE. That way it doesn't matter if one page is slow; I can have several tabs open and be doing something else while another page is loading.

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about:blank is usually my Start page

by JADavis9 In reply to I have my home page set t ...

it doesn't help me so I put TechRepublic back as my Start Page while I try to clear up some pc issues that I have been working on.

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about:blank with a colon between about and blank, right?

by Ron K. In reply to about:blank is usually my ...

If I were you, in IE8 I'd go to Tools|Manage Add-ons | and see what's what. Disable any that look odd. <br>
Also, not knowing, at this point, if you've done it, I'd do a <b>deep</b> scan with Malwarebyte Antimalware located here: A full scan will take awhile so be patient. It's important to be thorough. <br>
Set all security and the advanced options back to the default values, in Tools|Internet Options. <br>
Let me know how you make out. You can still run Hijack This and post results, tedious as they are to read. Hijack This is available here:

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Dunno about you but I ditched IE8 cause it was so slow to load...

by Slayer_ In reply to My Internet Explorer 8 is ...

Have you tried an alternate browser? There are a lot to choose from, almost all are better than IE in some way or another.

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I used to despise IE. Can't say why exactly.

by Ron K. In reply to Dunno about you but I dit ...

I've started using it again, for some things, in the past week. It's not as bad as I remember it being.

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disabled IE Add-ons

by JADavis9 In reply to Dunno about you but I dit ...

Ron. I looked at Tools/Manage Add Ons and see quite a few that are from programs that I use that are repectable publishers like Microsoft, Adobe, AVG, Sun Micro (Java). But I see some at the bottom of the list marked Publisher Not Available such as:
Blog this in Windows Live Writer
Create Mobile Favorite
Create Mobile Favorite ...
Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v8
Spybot - Search & Destroy Configuration
Diagnose Connection Problems
Windows Messenger
I "disabled" all except Windows Messenger since I am thinking of switching to it instead of using Yahoo Messenger or my gMail Chat.
I shut down IE and it seems to have sped it up a bit. Wonder if I should Enable any of those Add Ons that I Disabled?
I may try Malwarebytes and Hijack This. I have run both in the past but have since uninstalled them both.

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