my ip address help

By pgammill ·
I have a program that is direct ip to ip. The computer i am on is on a LAN the computer trying to connect to me is on a LAN on another network across the state. the ip address for my computer is the same on all the computers (except for the LAN ip address) i need to find out how to find my Direct ip address to my computer and relay this to my friend across the state.

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re: IP Address

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to my ip address help

You'll need to open up port forwarding on both routers. Check the game instructions on how to battle head-to-head on differnt LANS. You'll need to know what port to open up and forward to your computers.

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ThumbsUp is right again

by tintoman In reply to re: IP Address

You will need to configure your routers to forward data from this application directly to the computer you are trying to reach(and do the same for your own I guess)
However your computers must also be configured with static IP addresses on your respective networks otherwise if your IP address lease expires you will find the data packets will attempt to contact the wrong machine.
So you will need to find out which data ports your application uses, and get instructions on how to configure port forwarding on each of your routers

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re: Thank you for the PM

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to my ip address help

But, if you have information to add to the thread, please post it here instead of sending a PM (Private Message). Other people who visit this forum need to know the full story to see if the thread applies to their problem as well.

In your PM, you indicated that you're trying to use a head-to-head (ie: computer to computer) CHAT program and not a game, and that you have a linksys router.

The instructions still apply. Any time you want to connect two computers and there are routers between them, the routers must be configured to allow traffic through a specific port. The CHAT program you wish to use should have come with specific instructions about how to configure the routers to allow the program to work correctly.

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