My Keyboard does not work and kills my mouse with it....

By foldor ·
OK well what happens is that when Windows starts up with the log on screen I am able to move the mouse and select things. However as soon as I touch ANY button on the keyboard the mouse locks up and cannot function anymore. The keyboard will also not function but the computer is still running.

This is also happening my laptop as well and it all happened right after I was using Autoruns to stop services running on boot. I realize that I must have somehow disabled the wrong thing, on both of them and I want to re-enable whatever it is that would fix this.

As a side note both of these keyboards work fine before windows boots, and I am currently typing this from the Linux partition of my laptop.

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Because your computer has a Linux partition I should assume ...

by Absolutely In reply to My Keyboard does not work ...

that you have already done this, but I have to ask, how did Safe Mode work for you? Were you unable to re-activate those services from Safe Mode?

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Yeah I tried safe mode.

by foldor In reply to Because your computer [i] ...

Unfortunately it still gives me the same error. ON both the desktop and the laptop. I still cannot log in.

If there is a way to get into windows without typing in a password either through safe mode or not I could reactivate all of the services.

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