my keyboard is in revered mode please read

By southern_belle1 ·
my cap lock if on i get small case letters if off i get capital letters> the last character being the greater than sign happens when i press the period key

my mouse touches say a word in search ends up highlighting everything even on the last page<

i click on a link and it opens new window everytime! ooo that one worked and now my keys are typing correct since i hit exclamation sign this all started today when i booted pc desktop windows 7 ooo number key worked lol 1st time since booting any reason for this? i havent been on pc but once in past week, any help is appreciated

southern belle

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ok not sure but it's working fine now all i did

by southern_belle1 In reply to my keyboard is in revered ...


well by typing the shift+1 for the "!" and suddenly everything is work correctly, no more highlighting, caps fixed and all top row numbers able to use now! so hopefully it helps others by making the exclamation point again shift+1 = !

i still don't know why this would have changed since i haven't been online in a while...

good luck!
southern belle!

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