My LAN connection only reaches 100Mb, even though both sides support 1Gb?

By martorad ·
I recently got Gigabit fiber. It is connected to a VMG8825-T50 modem. Through WI-Fi I get roughly 200Mb on my laptop. Surprisingly, through Ethernet (using a cat5e cable) I get only around ~95Mb. Checking on my router's homepage, I get this:
As far as I can tell, both my modem and my laptop (exact model number Lenovo Legion Y530 81LB00BWBM) support Gigabit through Ethernet.
Here are some things that I have already tried:
1. Switch the Ethernet cable to different ports on the Router
-No effect, all ports say 100Mb/s
2. Change my internet card's speed and duplex from Auto-negotiate to 1000Mb/s, Full Duplex
-No effect, speed is still listed as 100Mb/s
3. Restarting my router
-No effect
4. Connecting the Ethernet cable to another laptop, also a Legion Y530, but a newer model
-No effect, speed is still listed as 100Mb/s
5. Update internet card drivers
-Already up to date

I'm lost. I don't know what to do. Any advice is welcome.
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Forgive me.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to My LAN connection only re ...

But this question is well done. It's almost always the cable followed by drivers and hardware.

". Only 4 wires are required for 100Mbit but all 8 are required for gigabit. Just one wire bad will cause it to drop to 100Mbit. "

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PS. How to test where the issue is.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Forgive me.

"If I connect my computers or playstations to LAN1 then I have 100Mbit
If I connect my Switch or Apple TV to LAN1 then I have 1000Mbit"
- This long link.

Again my findings have been in this order:
1. Cable.
2. Drivers.
3. Hardware.

You can research if others are reporting that modem from that ISP is rate limited by the ISP.

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