My laptop cannot read the new Kingston 8GB microSD card in adapter

By Melodia ·
I have a Kingston 8GB microSD card that was bought and formatted weeks ago, and if I insert it into this USB device it works as any other removable storage. However if I put it inside a Kingston microSD adapter (it's not in the locked state) and insert it into the laptop's SD slot, the computer would often freeze (especially if I open my computer to attempt to start any programs); if I attempt to open G (the SD card drive) it would say "request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition. I checked device manager and there's no exclamation mark on anything, I also did a manual update of the SD drive via device manager and it didn't find an update.
Does anyone know what's wrong?

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Does the adapter function with other cards ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My laptop cannot read the ...

Until you have checked that it works with other cards, I'd be tempted to suggest that the adaptor is suspect.

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Also is it an SDHC?

by SKDTech In reply to Does the adapter function ...

If it is and you have an older pc it may not read it or it may need a driver update to read it

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by Melodia In reply to Also is it an SDHC?

The card says "SDC4/8GB 01" on the bottom.

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According to Kingston website

by SKDTech In reply to Hi

You have a SDHC card. I only know that it is a High Capacity SD format. From that I would guess that your problem may be an equipment incompatibility that will require either a reader driver upgrade or a new reader. However if you have been able to read the card before with this reader then the card may be bad.
According to the site above SD card readers may need a firmware upgrade to read SDHC cards.

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What firmware?

by Melodia In reply to According to Kingston web ...

Do you know what firmware the article is talking about and how I can download it?

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Try this out.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My laptop cannot read the ...

Reboot your computer (or shut it down).
Insert JUST the USB card reader, once that is seen by your computer then put in your mini card into the card reader. If that does not work then try another card reader to test on. If possible try and get hold of a multi-card reader, Kinston do make these, these are supposed to be the best.

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