My laptop is turned on, but there is no display.

By rohank11001 ·
Hey there,

About a year ago, I bought a laptop for my company. My laptop recently stopped operating, and I figured it was due to a Windows issue. When I turn on the power, the fan works for a few seconds and the lights turn on, but the display remains blank. I thought it was a RAM issue, so I cleaned it out, but the issue still exists? What are your opinion on the subject?

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Re: no display

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to My laptop is turned on, b ...

- What exactly is "cleaning out the RAM"?
- Why did you switch from thinking it was a Windows issue to thinking it was a RAM issue?

I'd have it repaired, if you can't fix it yourself. Let's hope that "about a year ago" is "somewhat less than a year ago" or that you have 2 years of warranty. Then the repair will be free.

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