My laptop keeps shutting down/crashing

By rayyaan ·
I have a LG Duo core laptop. It keeps shutting down even when plugged in. Some times it would loose all memory like date, email contacts, etc. I've tried uninstalling certain programs and even fresh install new windows. Did the same with Vista, now running Win 7.


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Sound's Like Power or overheating

by stile777 In reply to My laptop keeps shutting ...

If its still under warranty I would send it back for repairs. Otherwise you would need an identical working system and plug each piece from your laptop into the working until it stops working to find the culprit. Its not software if that is what you were thinking.

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How old is the Laptop ? Does it do this when its completely cold?

by komokozie In reply to Sound's Like Power or ove ...

Does it boot right back up by itself? and then go back off, cycling like this?

Understand, laptops are a very particular and picky breed of computer. Like stile777 said, it does not appear to be s/w related.

I'd beleive it's 1 of 5 things:

1- When using, you don't have good airflow due to LT not sitting on a hard surface to facilitate this 'very' needed airflow.
[[Lots of peeps put a running laptop down on a couch or bed and then walk away. This can block the airflow and can cause it to overheat {and I've even seen melted/deformed keyboards} due to the extreme heat build up... let alone damage the cpu itself.

2- (close to the same thing) The heatsync is clogged and the airflow is obstructed.

3- Fan is not running at an adequate speed, thus over heating, and needs to be changed.

4- A bad battery. {On older systems, and certainly some current ones, you can remove the battery and use AC to power to see if it will stay on. Then you know that the batt. is the issue. On some of the new ones you can no longer do this, because the system will not run without a batt. in place.

5- You simply have a defect happening it needs to be serviced or exchanged if under Wrnty.

There is a built in safe-guard for all CPUs... If I get too hot, I'm shutting down to save my Butt !!
{Unfortunatley, it comes with a catch-22...} The system sees that it should be running, so, it comes back up again.

'Software' does not know why this shutdown happened, so it just comes back up again... but, still being hot, it only shuts back down again [cycling] (either immediately or very shortly thereafter).

Good and bad to this...
It just stays hot and cycles, but, it lets you know it was not a fluke in your OS as to why it shutdown. If it was due to the OS, most likely you would get a Blue Screen of Death. (BSOD)

When a system shuts down in this nature, it most def. can corrupt your OS, lose data, and or settings, corrupt RAM, and more!
Usually it doesn't, but I have seen it all in my 17 yrs. in the bus.

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As it's loosing all of it's data stored in the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My laptop keeps shutting ...

How old is this unit? It very much sounds as if the CMOS Battery is in need of replacement.

What happens if you don't try to load Windows but use a Boot Disc to do some Diagnostics? You can get a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD to download for free from here


And run some Diagnostics on your NB.

But as the Date is f=going I would be looking at the Users Manual on Replacing the CMOS or BIOS Battery.

Also if you have not been using a Cool Pad under the Note Book like this one from Antec


The Colling Ducts inside the NB are most likely blocked with Dust and other Airborne Gunk. The NB will need dismantling and cleaning if that is the case here as well.


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