My laptop no longer connects wirelessly! Please help?

By Alejandro95 ·
Hello, a while ago, my laptop (Acer Aspireone, running on Windows 7, Google Chrome) could connect to my router effortlessly, allowing me to you use my laptop all around the house, including upstairs (the router is downstairs). However, recently, upon trying to connect, I was given the message "Unable to connect to the internet". I went on to try to connect using my desktop (Windows XP, Internet Explorer), and that also failed to connect. I've had to revert to using an ethernet cable now, however that completely and utterly defeats the purpose of me acquiring a laptop in the first place! Please help me out on this one guys, it's urgent! Many thanks, Alex.

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Try these...

by Seonix In reply to My laptop no longer conne ...

- Check your router wireless config just to make sure it's all as you wanted it to be.
- Failing that, there may be a device close to your house that is broadcasting a stronger signal on the wireless channel your router is trying to use. Try changing the channel number under your wireless config. Standard 801.x channels include 6 and 11.

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Or you can try

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My laptop no longer conne ...

Unplugging the Router and allowing it to sit there for 30 seconds or so and reset itself. Then plug it back into the power.

Those Plug Packs that supply Power do not filter Surges and other crap on the Mains so any Power Spikes can scramble the device. When this happens you need to unplug them and allow them to reset themselves before you can use them again.

Remember that these are Computers that do a specific job and everything that happens to a computer can happen to a Router.


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some test you can perform

by databaseben In reply to My laptop no longer conne ...

what you need to do is to take your laptop to an internet cafe and see if its wireless connectivity works.

if it does work at the cafe, then you need to get a new wireless router.

but if it doesnt work at the cafe, then your laptop has a malfunction.

you can then take it back home and try to roll back the wireless driver via devices in the control panel. or you can try replacing the driver with a new one or just replace it from your laptops home site.

but if replacing the driver still doesn't help, then you will need to send it in for repairs. it isn't uncommon for either the wireless modem or the laptop wireless connection to go bad. these devices are poorly manufactured.

also, if you prefer not to send in your laptop for repairs, then buy a "Wireless USB Adapter that enables your PC to wirelessly connect to USB device":


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DHCP Issues

by scott_heath In reply to My laptop no longer conne ...

I recently had an issue where I was unable to get an IP address. When running ipconfig /renew I received an access denied error. The easy solution is to add local service and network service to the administrators group. Then reboot.

net localgroup administrators /add "network service"
net localgroup administrators /add "local service"

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