My laptop restarts itself randomly

By franklinrdl ·

My laptop is:
Dell Inspiron 1420 (I bought it in 2007)
Windows Vista 32-bit preinstalled
Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.00 GHz
RAM 2.00 GB

My problem is my computer restarts itself randomly.

The computer worked fine for 18 months. This problem started the first time I tried to see a whole movie in it. The movie froze, I got a BSOD and the computer restarted itself. After that, It begun to restart itself randomly.

So far, I've done several things. I've tried to uninstall Vista and Install XP and It didn't work

After several tests, the only thing I've got is to identify a frequent behavior... That is:

1. Every single component in the copmputer is working OK -I can say that because of the Dell diagnostic utilities-

2. The problem is: The laptop restarts itself randomly -with a BSOD if Vista and without BSOD if XP- without any warnings or error messages

3. It happens as soon as Windows -Vista or XP SP2- completes the first step of its own installation process... I mean, when the first windows files and drivers are loaded -after the first normal restart due to the installation process-

Beyond this, I've got nothing... I haven't figure the cause of the problem or any possible solution

Could anybody help me? What can I do?

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How long will it stay on untouched?

by Snuffy09 In reply to My laptop restarts itself ...

if you turn it on and leave it sit does it still shutdown? if so it could be a heat or a power supply issue

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Just in case....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to My laptop restarts itself ...

...go through each of the services on the computer, and if any of them are set to RESTART COMPUTER in the event of failure, switch it to RESTART SERVICE. RPC services are notorious for this.

This may or may not solve the problem, but it will at least eliminate some possibilities as to the cause.

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Is either OS stable at all when in Safe Mode? nt

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My laptop restarts itself ...
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It could be a Overheating issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My laptop restarts itself ...

But as I don't trust Dell Diagnostics all that much I wouldn't be relying on them to be 100% truthful either.

You can try the Ultimate Boot CD to run a full set of Diagnostics but if it is a Overheating issue other than a HDD Makers test you are unlikely to be told anything.

But if it's getting hot you should be using a Cool Pad like this

These keep the NB cooler than they otherwise would be and help to prevent dust and other airborne contaminates getting sucked into the NB's cooling passages which cause problems. Personally I do not sell a NB without supplying one of these devices and I have yet to have any issues arise related to hardware failures.


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