My Laptop Running Vista will only run in Safe Mode!

By ejspycher ·
My laptop will currently only work in safe mode. When I boot it up, everything runs as normal until the Welcome Screen. After Vista welcomes me back to my computer the next screen should be full of my icons, windows sidebar, etc. However, the only screen I see is the shade of blue that is the background color that is normally behind my icons. I have tried system recovery many times, that has not worked. I have ran virus, anti-spyware, malware, etc, and everything comes back as normal. I have defraged, condensed my registry, and even tried a disk clean up. I am at a loss. Can someone help?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to My Laptop Running Vista w ...

It is mostly likely a driver issue rather than the other things you have tried.

Avoid using XP drivers in a vista environment esp things like Graphics drivers which behave differently in Vista than XP.

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Which driver?

by ejspycher In reply to Drivers

Thank you for your reply. However, I am confused as to how this could be the answer. In the morning it worked fine and now it does not. Nothing was added or removed from my laptop. All I did was power it down and then power it back up. If is is a driver, do you have any idea as to which one I would need to replace?

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Other things

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Which driver?

Check Device manager and see if any are highlighed with a problem.

Next place, is the Event Viewer and check the Application and System logs for any warnings or errors that may give a clue.

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Sounds like

by santeewelding In reply to My Laptop Running Vista w ...

Something that could be cleared up while in Safe Mode with a Run command.

Try msconfig in Run, which should take you to startup choices. Select the Boot tab. See which ones are checked.

Does, or, has anyone else used the laptop? Did you have it serviced, and the technician simply didn't switch back to normal startup?

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can you ctrl-alt-del?

by NexS In reply to My Laptop Running Vista w ...

or press start-r (for "run" dialogue)?

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Yes. I can ctl-alt-del

by ejspycher In reply to can you ctrl-alt-del?

Yes, I can ctl-alt-del, I can pull up the task manager, and even open a couple of random programs from browsing in the run section. I was able to open Adobe Reader 8.1 to look at a PDF and I have been able to open and look at the properties of my c: and d:, any thoughts? This issue is definitely a new one for me. Thanks.

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Just a thought

by NexS In reply to Yes. I can ctl-alt-del

If you log in as a different user, does that work?

If so, you can go into your old user profile and pull out any needed files/shortcuts (ie: favourites, desktop icons etc.)

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No other log on

by ejspycher In reply to Just a thought

I tried, but unfortunately I only have one user log. An interesting thing as occurred, I can bring up the internet, but I am unable to run any of my disk doctor, registry repair, etc. programs.

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From "Run" dialogue

by NexS In reply to No other log on

type "compmgmt.mmc" and create a new user account, if you can.

Let us know how you go.

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