My laptop screen turned off on me while everything else is on. Why?

By fkliford ·
My laptop screen turned off on me while everything else is on. My OS is windows 7 Ultimate. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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So does it come back on?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My laptop screen turned o ...

If it does look at the Power Settings and alter the one that turns the screen off after x minutes of no activity.


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Not enough details.........

by nmap In reply to My laptop screen turned o ...

Try the Fn key with maybe F4 or 5,6,7. Depends on your laptop model. There's a function which enables users to temporarily switch the LCD monitor off and on.

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If the "Normal" functions don't work......

by plandok In reply to My laptop screen turned o ...

This occurred in an old Toshiba Satellite laptop and was the non-functioning of the illumination lamp. If your laptop is still under warranty, take it to a repair shop. If not there is a good chance you can fix it yourself. All it requires is time and gentleness. If you can't do it, then go to a local repair shop not a big box store.

Look at the screen bezel (frame) to see if there are two or more "flat" indents. These are actually the locations of the screws. First you have to gently remove the piece of very sticky tape and keep it for later. An exacto blade knife used by artists is perfect for this.

Once you've got all the screws uncovered having taken care to put the tapes where you can later return them, use a precision jeweller's driver or an eyeglases tool to gently screw out the screws. Put them aside carefully too.

Now comes the part where you play brain surgeon. But not to worry just be careful and gentle. Take the exacto knife and using the tip of the blade, gently pry up the bezel starting near a corner. Not too much prying and gently move the tip along under the bezel until you hear a slight click. There are usually a number of fragile legs which keep the bezel in place so don't break them if you can help it. Take your time.

If you've succeeded in this, place the bezel aside so you don't sit on it or something 'cause a laptop looks funny with duct tape holding the bezel in place. But it could work.

Look for the bundle of wires coming from the case into the screen. It is usually at one end. It should also have a knot in it to keep it from pulling on the connectors to the circuitry in the screen housing. Now look at where it connects to any circuitry. If there is a connector or two, gently re-insert any connector which has come loose. Otherwise, gently disconnect the connectors one at a time in case of more than one and then re-insert. Sometimes oxidation builds up and the circuitry won't work to illuminate the screen. You may have to do this several times.

If you can't get the screen apart, going to a repair shop may help you. A local repair shop is often better and is unlikely try to sell you something new saying it can't be repaired.

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