My laptop takes more than 24hrs to operate after OS installation

By ntoi291 ·
My laptop seem to have crashed and I installed a new OS but it took almost more than 24hrs to be installed and afterwards it takes it more than 2hrs to open and run any program and takes more than 10min to play a single song with that media player not working properly so what would be the cause of all these failures please help

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Sounds like your laptop is heading for imminent component failure...

Your hardware is probably getting ready to give up, either hard drive, CPU or
some other component is at risk of failure. You should probably stop using it
and take it to a repair shop and let them check everything. Not knowing the
age, make, model, etc., other than recommending this I can't think of anything

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I would look at the event logs

by jack.owens In reply to My laptop takes more than ...

I had a hard drive failing which caused similar problems. the system log indicated a hard drive error.

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Sounds very much like you have a major problem with this unit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My laptop takes more than ...

As stated above it could very well be a Hardware issue with failing Hardware which is nearly at Silicon Heaven but it could just as easily be a Bad Install of Windows which is corrupted and so messed up that your only option is to redo the install to a clean Disc.

Personally I would first be testing the Hardware with something like the Ultimate Boot CD which is a free product available here

Test things like the HDD, RAM and CPU to begin with but depending on which OS is involved and what Drivers where installed the problem could be anything.


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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Sounds very much like you ...

My bet is on the motherboard. We've had the exact same symptoms on a server in the past. I've seen hard drives cause slowness, but not to this extent. CPU is a possibility, but CPU faults are very rare in my experience. I highly doubt it's RAM, but by all means swap it out if you have some spare sticks - it would be a quick and easy fix if it is.

Anyway, +1 on the Live CD idea. I suggest removing the hard drive first. If it's still slow booting the Live CD with no drive in then you may as well put the laptop on eBay as For Parts Only and buy yourself a replacement.

If you were particularly keen to keep trying to fix it you could find a compatible CPU and try replacing that (second-hand laptop CPUs are cheap on eBay). You can get replacement motherboards as well, but unless it is an expensive laptop its unlikely to be worth the effort.

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Yup I concur, probable hardware failure

by gdburton In reply to My laptop takes more than ...

Just to add to Col's suggestion, a linux live-CD would give a pretty good initial indication of whether the problem was hardware or windows install / driver problem.

My money would be on hard disk problems else you would not get far enough to run anything. But memory or obscure processor difficulties may also explain it. (Just to hedge my bets!)

Keep us informed of your findings. You have got at least one person interested here!

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