My laptop went BANG... help...

By laraandbryce ·
Suddenly stopped working... starts loading but will not go past the Windows loading page...

Any diagnostics I run fail at the memory (MATS) testing stage and the system resets... HD test seems fine...

Tech support guys simply say buy a new one as it is old or that they could take it apart but will charge me a small fortune... however I would like to get info off the HD somehow (which incidentally does not fit into my new laptop)

Can anyone help please?

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re: The big BANG theory

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My laptop went BANG... he ...

Well, since you've already purchased a new laptop, there's no need to try and diagnose what caused the BANG and fix it.

You can purchase an external HD caddy which will accept your old hard drive and plug into the new laptop via a USB cable. This will give you a chance to rescue your files from the old HD.

These caddys come in various "models" to accept different types/size/interface of hard drives.

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Can memory explode like batteries?

by seanferd In reply to re: The big BANG theory

I'd get the hard drive out ASAP. If you like, have a hardware-savvy friend take a look at it when she or he has time, it may be a simple fix (probably easier than actually opening/reassembling the lappie itself) like replacing memory.

Take the advice given by ThumbsUp2. Just get the drive out and store it safely in case something chemical is goin' on in there.

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I don't think so.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can memory explode like b ...

I've never seen or heard of memory itself exploding like a battery. But, I HAVE heard of the little round capacitor thingies getting a bulge in the ends and eventually exploding. This, of course, can cause an interuption in the I/O process between the processor and memory making it THINK the memory is bad. I've seen the bulge first hand and usually, there are symptoms before the explosion itself. Of course, the problems we experienced didn't seem to be hardware related to us. So, the thought never crossed our minds. When the manufacturer was contacted for help, they had a replacement MB in the mail immediately because the symptoms we discribed to them were caused by a known problem with that particular model of MB. They had us inspect the capacitors with a magnifying glass and flashlight. Sure enough, there was a bulge in one, way back in a corner. I can't remember which MB it was though.

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Ho, yes!

by seanferd In reply to I don't think so.....

The exploding RAM was a bit of a joke, hoping to bring a bit of comic relief in. Should've used a smiley. You are right, however, various things can go bad or overheat; things that go 'pop' in the night.

I'm just thinking that with circuits shorted or battery internals exposed, nasty ion transfer things can happen to sensitive electronics. I'd remove the drive (preserving data) and battery (possibly preserving anything else).

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Check out this site...

by cmiller5400 In reply to I don't think so.....
They have some info on bad capacitors.

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by seanferd In reply to Check out this site...

Thanks for the link. :)

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re: The big BANG theory

by laraandbryce In reply to re: The big BANG theory

Thanks TU2... I will give that a try... any tips for extracting the info... or is it similar to using an external HD (thats if the HD is in fact still working properly)?


Bryce the Luddite

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re: Caddy + drive = external drive

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to re: The big BANG theory

Using a caddy to put the older hard drive into is exactly the same as purchasing an external drive. The only difference is that you can swap the drives in/out of the caddy.

There's no trick to extracting the files from the drive as long as you have permission to do so. Copy n Paste works fine, although you MAY have to take ownership of them just to be able to "see" them. But, that depends on how secure you ran things on the old laptop. Post back here if you need help accessing the files on the old drive.

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Thumbs - whaddaya doin?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to re: Caddy + drive = exter ...

Removing all the help you have offered since your arrival on TR isn't hurting TR. It's only hurting all the folks who need help and might search the archives out here for that help.
Given that ManiacMan spent a lot of time in the questions attempting to help the folks he thought were seriously looking for help, is removing all your help an appropriate way to protest?
Slap, spank. beat me if you must. But I think I need to say something.

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Laptop Engineer :)

by shady108 In reply to My laptop went BANG... he ...

hi :) i spent 5 years as a laptop engineer so may be able to help :) if its failing at the MATS and then restarting, then i would start looking at the memory as being faulty. Most older laptops have ram slots under neath the machine. Take of the ram cover and have a look inside. If there is 2 sticks in there, take one out at a time and try them in different slots, hopefully only one stick has failed! if you only have one stick you can take that out and get one really cheap off ebay :)

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