my laptop won't let me download things like javascript?

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ok , i was in a bad temper and i didn't know what to take it out on so i decided to randomly start deleting things from my home laptop. i accidntly deleted javascript and what ever happend i now can't view things i need to use online , like windows live messanger , bebo , youtube , facebook or even clothing websites , wihtout these websites im going crazy and ive rang currys , which is where i bought my laptop and they said , ' ring your internet connection' so i rang BT and then they said ' ring currys becuase its nothing to do with your internet connection' so yet again i waisted more of my time and rang back currys for them to simply say we don't understand , o goodness i really need help and im going craazy , pleaseee someone tell me a solution to this ?

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Lots of words and very little information provided

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to my laptop won't let me do ...

Unimportant things like the OS that you use would be nice as I do not have any idea of what you have there in front of you.

But assuming it is some form of Windows perhaps a Reload would be the best solution here, just make sure that you have backed up all your Data before proceeding.


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You are a "IT consultant", and you just delete anything?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to my laptop won't let me do ...

That must be some bad temper you had. :)
Why don't you do a "system restore" so that you can get your programs back, but this time (when ALL is back and running) do a BACKUP FIRST!!!

Windows XP System Restore Is Easy to Use

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I understand

by seanferd In reply to my laptop won't let me do ...

why BT and Curry's are confused. How does one delete javascript? Can you say more precisely what you did? What folder did you delete files from?

What files did you delete? Are they still in the recycle bin? Restore them. If there are no files in the bin, you may just want to run
sfc /scannow
command from the Run box to check your system for missing files. Or do a Repair Install of the OS.

Did you just turn off javascript in your browser? Turn it back on.

If you can be a bit more clear about what you did, and what operating system and what browser you are using, we may be able to make further suggestions.

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