My laptop works really slow

By anazarov ·
Hi guys, my laptop with Windows XP is very slow, no viruses were detected, I also defraged the drive, but it is still slow and sometimes freezes, what is the way the fix it? Thanks in advance

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by mr.sweetchuck In reply to My laptop works really sl ...

Use MS config to stop unnecessary services, (google them to see what's needed.) Uninstall bloat-ware. Dump unnecessary files and defrag again.

That should help.

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by anazarov In reply to msconfig

Thanks, I am going to check all above and will see if it works

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There's more to slowness than viruses.

by apotheon In reply to My laptop works really sl ...

Try checking for other forms of malware using Spybot Search & Destroy, AdAware, and Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner.

You might also be having problems with a corrupted registry, memory leaks, and/or broken software on your system. You may want to reinstall your OS and applications from scratch (after backing up important data).

It's possible you may be having some kind of hardware issue, such as RAM that is failing. Tools like HCI Design's MemTest for Windows may help you in this area.

There really isn't enough information in your question to be able to provide any kind of definitive answer, but hopefully I've given you some ideas about how to try to narrow down the problem.

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