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My last year... a LOOOONG story

By Locrian_Lyric ·
Well, about a year ago, I dropped off the grid.

Here's what happened.

I started losing focus and had a series of migraines, something I had never experienced before.

As it turns out, those were not just migraines, but mini-strokes.

I lost the ability to speak for a few days, and when it came back, I stammered badly and had a serious stutter on top of it. Words did not come to me easily and I went from having an eidetic memory to being barely able to remember basic everyday functions. I was having frequent seizure like episodes which increased until I was having several times a day.

My wife called in her father and sister and moved us to Colorado where she could have assistance caring for me and our infant daughter. Under doctors orders, I could not be left alone.

Shortly afterward, my wife had a miscarriage. Most likely this was due to the stress.

My health in general crashed. My diabetes raged out of control as did my blood pressure. I also fell into a deep depression.

The end result is that I am now under doctor's orders to abandon IT work. My mind no longer works fast enough to handle the work, and my emotional state is far too unstable to handle the stress.

Now, I am looking for something new to do for a living.

I'll answer any questions anybody may have.

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Mine is an observation

by santeewelding In reply to My last year... a LOOOONG ...

The observation is that your intellect came through just fine.

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by DelbertPGH In reply to Mine is an observation

Just like he said. You sound clear as a bell.

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Sorry to hear it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My last year... a LOOOONG ...

Nice to see you back here. :)


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by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Sorry to hear it.


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Very sorry to hear that

by NickNielsen In reply to My last year... a LOOOONG ...

I don't know you well enough to make suggestions outright, but perhaps one or more of these questions will provide some ideas:

What other interests or talents do you have? Is it possible you could make a living at one of those?

Does the work location matter, or should you work from home?

Have you looked into vocational rehab? If you can no longer do your job for medical reasons, you may be eligible for training or other support.

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I've signed up for vocational rehab.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Very sorry to hear that

They are helping me look into jobs I can do with my other talent.s

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Good job Nick

by shasca In reply to Very sorry to hear that

I was reading through the responses, and was going to post the same things about interests, talents, hobbies etc.

L.L. you seem very articulate, and very sharp in your expresions. I would think that you would be able to share your talents in some manner with those that would have a need. I would not be surprise if that once you made the inquiries, and provided your employement history, and acquired skill set, that a line formed for said skills.

You have made me appreciate just how good my life and good health is. I will not ever take those for granted.

See you are already providing a service.

Please take care of yourself, and your family.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Good job Nick

I recognize that avatar!

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Hats off!

by santeewelding In reply to Good job Nick

Keep it by you.

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"You have made me appreciate just how good my life and good health is."

by DMambo In reply to Good job Nick

It's easy to take for granted what we have. Locrian's story really brings home home fragile our situations can be.

Best of luck, LL. Consider bloging about it. It could be the start of getting the writing career off the ground as others have suggested.

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