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My Latitude D600's Power went out. Any Sujustions?

By abefarsh ·
My dell latitude D600 is about 2 years old. It was working fine till the charging adapter was half broke down but still working. But suddenly it went out of power. I thought it is because of power adapter. I replaced the adapter but the problem still exist. The green light on the adapter is on and working fine, however I do not get any power to the system. Is there any suggestions, helps....


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Remove Battery

by Fred123456 In reply to My Latitude D600's Power ...

Remove the battery, plug it in and see if it boots. If it does get a new battery, if it doesn't the power conversion hardware inside is probably damaged.

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No Power on my Latitude D600 Laptop!

by abefarsh In reply to Remove Battery

I removed the battery and plugged it in. No power! Can I purchase the part and replace it myself? If yes what exact part do I need and where I can get it.

Thanks again

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Doub it

by Fred123456 In reply to No Power on my Latitude D ...

Sorry but if its internal its probably not modular. It could be as simple as the AC connector soldered to the MB has burnt out or it could be one of the transformers are hosed.

But if you don't have a dell support contract your pretty much SOL.

You could try to open it up and see if their is an obvious short spot. And then go from their. But with out a support contract your going to have to find out exactly whats wrong if you want to attempt to fix it yourself.

Or get an evaluation from a local repair shop..

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