my LG ip operator is failing

By dramatizedthugster ·
I own a laptop lg lw 40.and it comes along with an ip LG operator,the problem i have is that it seems to me that i cant control my internet connection through the lg ip operator.i CAN control it using windows internet setup but not the software that comes with my laptop(LG IP OPERATOR).it worked when i 1st bought the pc but then my brother did sumthin to it b4 leavin 4 canada and now im in a jam.I wish to use the LG Software not windows(4 my internet connection) Plus my connection keeps tripping off time after time how can i effectively reset the whole internet gibberish and use the LG ip operator once again and not trip off.?pls help

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Backup all of your data

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to my LG ip operator is fail ...

And do a clean install from the Recovery Disc that at least will return the system to the As New State and then you can alter as required.


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by dramatizedthugster In reply to Backup all of your data

did that already*still experiencing the same problems*thanks tho

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Perhaps I should have been clearer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ok

You need to save all your data Wipe the HDD with a utility that writes zero's to every sector and then perform a clean install.

If the unit isn't working properly after that there is a Hardware Issue involved and nothing at all related to a software issue. So if you have a Floppy or are able to boot from a USB Device you can use Boot & Nuke available from here

Of if you have to boot from an Optical Drive the Ultimate Boot CD is available for download from here

Which needs to be downloaded burnt to a CD and then Booted off to run the wiping utility and then you can insert the Recovery CD to load Windows with and all the default software that came with the system new. When this is performed you should have the same setup as the unit was when new and no problems from any altered settings.

If you just reload the system it will not alter the settings and will just leave things that way that they where minus any Patches applied since the Slipstreamed CD was made. Even if you perform a Format over the system it will at best only write to every third sector and that is the Full Format if you use the Quick Option it will only alter the MBR's and leave everything else intact and capable of creeping through and affecting any new install.


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thank u very much

by dramatizedthugster In reply to Perhaps I should have bee ...

illtry this as soon as i have the opportunity*due to work and all*dont wanna give no pc repairer as they may alter other things on my computer*Godbless u.

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